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HubID Expands to Serve Merchants, Businesses, Objects and More

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9th Apr 2017

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Hub Culture is expanding the HubID digital identity system, activating new profile networks for merchants, business entities, objects, bots and virtual personas. The new profile types allow Hub Culture members and Ven digital currency users to maintain digital identity and digital currency accounts among an ecosystem of highly flexible segregated accounts with unique capabilities.

The expanded HubID system is built on a foundational set of new APIs Hub Culture developed with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenges, a programme designed to foster innovation and solutions in the world of financial inclusion. The open APIs allow developers to deploy digital identity and digital currency services to wider audiences, and complement the Ven app, which offers digital currency payments in 13 local languages, including Urdu, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Swahili, among others. Together, the APIs offer anyone the ability to integrate end point financial inclusion with freely available digital currency and identity technologies.

For entities and merchants, members can now launch company and merchant profiles to enable Ven payments between the entity and others, without an email or phone number. The system forms the backbone of a new business-to-business capability for trade finance and institutional trading using Ven. For example, a beneficial owner can obtain company verification and enable that company to send and receive Ven, build a network of stakeholders and more. Merchants, Brokers and Financial Services Providers now enjoy enhanced membership options and the ability to manage these accounts with multiple stakeholders or administrators.

In the world of IOT (internet of things), bots and machines, Hub Culture is focusing on object oriented networks , beginning with planes, boats, vehicles (including bicycles, surfboards and automobiles) electronic devices, and appliances. Each device type enjoys unique verification attributes, and is represented in the network under the control of the owner. In addition, bots, artificial intelligence and virtual reality avatars can now also be linked into the system, allowing users to build connections and profiles for virtual personas valuable to them. The first applications for these object networks will be applied at the upcoming Hub Culture Innovation Campus and Beach Club in Bermuda, where guests will be able to hold Ven accounts for onsite payments via objects holding a Ven account, such as a surfboard, plane or yacht based account. Any member worldwide can launch such object oriented accounts through their core HubID account on

Article Image, Hub Culture s emergent intelligence project, is referencing object identity attributes in digital vaults where data ownership is maintained by the end user to begin mapping common standards for entity and object identities. This will make it easier to scale such networks in the future.

The new profile types can be managed through and, and are being rolled out with expanded functionality through the Ven Money and Hub Culture mobile apps.