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Project Archipelago

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16th Oct 2017

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Hub Culture announces Project Archipelago, a development service to connect new virtualization service layers between states and citizens.
The service provides innovative nation states the primary fascia for connecting new services to digital infrastructure through the use of scaled global identity services based on HubID. These services cover more than human identity to touch entities, non formal alliances and objects.
Bermuda Standards sit at the heart of Archipelago. Hub Culture's home jurisdiction is guiding development of data retention standards for Archipelago focused on best in class, world applicable AML/KYC standards. Already a leader in financial administration, reinsurance and compliance, the initiative aims to scale these services to form a digital backbone for jurisdictional virtualization.
For instance, working together on the object layer, digital aircraft and ship registries, beneficial ownership lattices and property vaults are all now available to all Hub Culture members via their HubID, and applied to Bermuda Standard with Ven value vaults included.
The first task of Archipelago is to work with stakeholders to provide the collaboration layer for multiple parties to align funding, resources, service contracts and financial transparency for the Atlantic Archipelago, including Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands, Barbuda and other areas hurt by recent weather events.
This includes new collaboration hubs online for these regions at HubCulture.com, with Ven fundraising modules to allow Hub Culture citizens to invest Ven in redevelopment for the region focused on renewable and resilient energy, water and infrastructure.
The final aim for Archipelago is to meet Hub Culture's 2027 goals of one billion citizens living in virtual states, to help provide multiple v-residency opportunities for Hub Culture members, and to ignite exponential GDP growth for networked states as both oceans and space become the new frontiers for human economic value expansion.
An in-depth review of the progress on Archipelago and demonstration of the service layer is planned for the end of January, at a meeting of independent states in Davos, Switzerland hosted by Hub Culture.
For more details visit the Profile section within HubID or BermudaStandard.com
Stakeholders and collaborating Partners can use Ven to purchase access to participate in Project Archipelago via the Archipelago Hub.