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Hub Culture presents 100 Leaders in the Space Space

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16th Apr 2018

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Welcome to Hub Culture's first listing of 100 people leading the space conversation across science, business, government and academia.

These individuals from around the world are at the forefront of global private space initiatives and hold a bedrock of knowledge relative to humanity's efforts to expand activity off planet Earth.

Many of the people in this conversation can be reached via their Twitter handle, included here for an easy follow, and handy for those planning events related to space solutions. This listicle was developed with input from Spacebit - a Hub Culture portfolio member company develoiping alternative funding mechansims and blockchain technologies for space exploration.

100 Leaders in the Space Space

Elon Musk, @elonmusk
Founder, SpaceX
Jeff Bezos, @JeffBezos
Founder & CEO, Amazon / Blue Origin
Eric Anderson, @ec_anderson
Co-founder & Chairman, Space Adverntures
Richard Branson, @richardbranson
Founder, Virgin Group
Alan Bond
Founder & Chief Engineer, Reaction Engines
Jan Woerner, @janwoerner
Director General, ESA
Katherine Johnson, @KatherineJNASA
Steve Squyres
Professor of Physical Sciences, Cornell University
Robert Bigelow, @RobertTBigelow
Founder, Bigelow Aerospace
Neil deGrasse Tyson, @neiltyson
Astrophysicist, author and science communicator
Burt Rutan, @BurtRutan
Aerospace Engineers, Spaceship One Designer
George Abbey Snr
Former Director, Johnson Space Centre
George Whitesides, @gtwhitesides
CEO, Virgin Galactic
David Irons, @DavidJohnIron
Founder & Trustee, Lunar Mission One
Sara Seager, @ProfSaraSeager
Astronomer and Planetary Scientist
Michael Suffredini
CEO, Axiom
Paul Allen, @PaulGAllen
Founder, Vulcan Areospace
K Radakrishnan, @radhakr272
Chairman, Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology
Carolyn Porcho, @carolynporco
Astronomer and Planetary Scientist
Geoffrey Landis
Scientist, National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Professor Chris Welch, @ProfChrisWelch
Professor, Space Engineering at the International Space Univeristy at Strasbourg
Alexey Leanov
Retired Cosmonaut
Valentina Tereshkova
Retired Cosmonaut
Al Worden, @wordenalfred
Astronaut & Engineer
Helen Sharman, @HelenSharmanUK
Chemist & Astronaut, Imperial College London
Richard Garriott, @RichardGarriott
Video Game Developer & Entrepreneur, Portalarium
Tim Peake, @astro_timpeake
Dimitru Prunariu
Liu Yang
Buzz Aldrin, @therealbuzz
Astronaut & Engineer
Ellen Stofan, @EllenStofan
Planetary Geologist, Former Chief Scientist at NASA
Chris Hadfield, @cmdr_hadfield
Dr Iya Whiteley, @iyawhiteley
Space Psychologist
Kevin Fong, @Kevin_Fong
Co-Director, Centre for Altitude, Space & Extreme Environment Medicine
Bobak Ferdowski, @tweetsoutloud
Engineer, NISAR Earth Science & Europa Clipper
Sarah Cruddas, @sarahcruddas
Space Journalist
David Hitt, @davidhitt
Scott Kelly, @StationCDRKelly
Engineer & Retired Astronaut
Professor Brian Cox, @ProfBrianCox
Katie Mack, @AstroKatie
Richard Garriott, @RichardGarriott
Video Game Developer & Entrepreneur, Portalarium
Scott Kelly, @StationCDRKelly
Engineer & Retired Astronaut
Professor Brian Cox, @ProfBrianCox
Katie Mack, @AstroKatie
Clayton Anderson, @Astro_Clay
Nicole Stott, @Astro_Nicole
Astronaut & Engineer
Emily Lakdawalla, @elakdawalla
Senior Editor, The Planetary Society
David Thompson
CEO, Orbital ATK
Andrew Rush, @RushSpace
President & CEO, MadeinSpace
Guido Fetta
Founder, Cannae Corporation
Chris Lewicki, @interplanetary
President & CEO, Planetary Resources
Jeffrey Manber, @jeffmanber
Co-founder & CEO, NanoRacks
Michael Watkins, @MichaelDWatkins
Director, Jet Propulsion Lab
Michael Suffredini
President & CEO, Axiom Space
Nobu Okada, @nobuokada
CEO, Astroscale
Thomas Markusic
Founder & CEO, Firefly Space Systems
William 'Red' Whittaker
Founder & CEO, Astrobotic
Justin Myers
Founder & CEO, Gateway Galactic
James McGinniss, @James_McGinniss
Founder, Texas Guadaloop
William O'Neill
Founder, Aerojet Rocketdyne
Eran Privman
CEO, SpaceIL
Arie Halsband
Founder & CEO, Effective Space Solutions
Talbot Jaeger
Founder & Chief Technologist, NovaWurks
Peter Beck
Founder, RocketLab
Yossi Yamin, @yossi_yamin
Founder, SpacePharma
Will Marshall, @wms1
Co-founder & CEO, Planet Labs
Adam Maher
President & Founder, Ursa Space Systems
Nadir Bagaveyev, @baspace
Founder, Bagaveev Corporation
Salvatore Tory Bruno, @torybruno
Founder & President, United Launch Alliance
Takeshi Hakamada
CEO, iSpace Inc
Florent Christophe, @flchristophe
Founder, Audacy
JP Sheehan
Co-founder & Physicist, Phase Four
Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, @jmlu77
Founder & CEO, Zero 2 Infinity
Giovanni Pandolfi, @GioPandolfi
Co-founder & CTO, Leaf Space
Lena Okajima
Founder & CEO, ALE
Brian Spence
Founder, Deployable Space Systems Inc
Keith Rhodes
Technologist, Innovative Space Solutions
Brian Mackey
CEO, nGimat
Nicholas Chamussy, @ChamussyN
Space Systems Lead, AirBus Defense and Space
Louis Perna, @louperna
Founder, Accion Systems
James Wolff, @james_a_wolff
Founder, Deep Space Industries
Jonathan Goff, @rocketrepreneur
Founder, Masten Space Systems
Faith Ozmen
CEO, Sierra Nevada
Howard Lance, @MaxarTech
CEO, Maxar Technologies
Dennis Mullenberg, @BoeingCEO
CEO, Boeing
Jim Cantrell, @jamesncantrell
Co-founder & CEO, Vector Space Systems
Andrea Preve
CEO, Avio
Dino Lorenzini
CEO & Chairman, SpaceQuest
Craig Clark, @craig_a_clark
Founder, Clyde Space
Thomas Yunck
Founder, GeoOptics
Thomas Kennedy
CEO, Raytheon
Tom Walkinshaw, @tomwalki
Founder & CEO, Alba Orbital
Chris Biddy, @Mr_Chris_Biddy
Founder & CEO, Astro Digital
Fabian Jordan
Co-founder & CEO, Astrocast
Jeff Greason, @JeffGreason
Founder, XCOR
Jaanus Kalde
Founder, CrystalSpace
Flavia Tata Nardini, @flavia_space
Co-founder & CEO, Fleet
Ane Aanesland, @louperna
Co-founder & CEO, ThrustMe
Javier Mendieta
Chairman, World Space Week Association
Michael Blum, @mblum_g