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Introducing Hub Culture's 'All Star' 100 Crypto Leaders

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7th Jun 2018

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Welcome to Hub Culture's first listing of 'All Star' Crypto leaders, a comprehensive list of people who have paved the way in the Cryptocurrency space.

These individuals from around the world are at the forefront of global Crypto initiatives and hold a bedrock of knowledge in areas such as technology, finance and advisory.

Many of the people in this conversation can be reached via their Twitter handle, included here for an easy follow, and handy for those planning events related to crypto solutions.  

100 All Star Crypto Leaders 

Vitalik Buterin, @VitalikButerin
Founder, Ethereum
Joseph Lubin, @ethereumJoseph
Founder, Consensys   
Satoshi Nakamoto
Founder, Bitcoin
Marc Andreesen
Software Engineer & Entreprenuer 
Changpeng Zhao, @cz_binance
Founder & CEO, Binance
Daniel Larimer, @bytemaster7
CTO & Co-founder, EOS
Jesse Powell, @jespow
Founder & CEO, Kraken 
Jae Kwon, @jaekwon
CEO & Founder, Tendermint
Bas Wisselink, @DamelonBCWS
Co-founder & Teacher, Blockchain Workspace
Alex Tapscott, @alextapscott
Author, Speaker, Advisor & Investor
Hal Finney
Programmer & Cryptocurrency Activist 
Chris Larsen, @chrislarsensf
Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Ripple
Adam Back, @adam3us
Cryptographer & Crypto-Hacker 
Pieter Wuille, @pwuille
Adam Ludwin, @adamludwin
CEO, Chain   
Brian Behlendorf, @brianbehlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Bruce Pon, @BrucePon
Founder & CEO, Bigchain   
Dimitri De Jonghe, @DimitriDeJonghe
Co-founder, Ocean Protocol 
Elizabeth Stark, @starness
CEO, Lightning Network  
Zach Supalla, @zs
CEO & Co-founder, Particle
Julian Zawistowski, @julianzawist
CEO & Co-founder, Golem  
Martin Koppelmann, @koeppelmann
CEO & Co-founder, Gnosis
Joey Krug, @joeykrug
Founder, Augur 
Rouven Heck, @rouvenheck
Co-founder, Uport
Vinny Lingham, @VinnyLingham
CEO & Co-founder, Civic   
David Sonstebo, @DavidSonstebo
Founder & CEO, IOTS
Brian Armstrong, @brian_armstrong
CEO & Founder, Coinbase  
Erik Voorhees, @ErikVoorhees
CEO & Founder, Shapeshift
Allison Clift-Jennings, @amcjen
CEO & Founder, Filament   
Max Kordek, @MaxKordek
CEO, Lisk
Zoe Adamovicz, @zoeadamovicz
CEO & Founder, Neufund  
Olaf Carlson-Wee
CEO & Founder, Polychain Capital
Barry Silbert, @barrysilbert
CEO & Founder, Digital Currency Group  
Anthony Diiorio, @diiorioanthony
CEO & Founder, Decentral & Jaxx
Adam Efrima
COO & Co-founder, Coindash  
Charles Hayter
CEO, CryptoCompare
Dmitry Palchun, @Ethernian
Ethereum Scientist, Santiment
Ransu Salovaara, @ransu
CEO, TokenMarket
Leanne Kemp, @leanne_kemp
CEO & Founder, Everledger  
Pavlo Tanasyuk
CEO, BlockVerify
Ned Scott, @certainassets
CEO, Steem  
Roger Ver, @rogerkver
Early Bitcoin Investor
Jake Brukhman, @jbrukh
Co-founder & Managing Partner, CoinFund
Nitai Bran
CEO, TradeBlock
Andy Bromberg, @andy_bromberg
Co-founder & President, CoinList 
Paul Chou
CEO & Co-founder, LedgerX
Joe DiPasquele, @JoeDiPasquele
CEO, BitBull Capital
Charlie Lee
Founder, Litecoin
Andreas Antonopoulos, @aantonop
Author, Mastering Bitcoin  
Nick Szabo, @nickszabo4
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Pioneer
Don Tapscott, @dtapscott
Co-founder & Executive Director, Blockchain Research Institute 
Gavin Andresen, @gavinandresen
Bitcoin Developer
Jihan Wu, @JihanWu
Co-founder, BITMAIN  
Laura Shin, @laurashin
Editor & Reporter
Thomas Power, @thomaspower
Board Member, 9Spokes  
Tyler Winklevoss, @tylerwinklevoss
Co-founder & CEO, Gemini  
Tuur Demeester, @TuurDemeester
Economist & Investor
Charlie Shrem, @CharlieShrem
Co-founder, Bitcoin Foundation  
Peter Todd, @peterktodd
Applied Cryptography Consultant  
Adam Hash
Founder, HashCash  
Tone Vays, @ToneVays
Derivatives Trader, Anaylst & Content Creator 
Jameson Lopp, @lopp
Engineer, CasaHODL  
Tim Draper, @TimDraper
Crypto Investor
Jeff Garzik, @jgarzik
Co-founder, Bloq  
Bobby Lee, @bobbyclee
CEO & Co-founder, BTCC  
Fred Wilson, @fredwilson
Co-founder & Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures  
Naval Ravikant
Co-founder, AngelList & CoinList  
Michael Arrington, @arrington
Founder, TechCrunch  
Jon Matonis, @jonmatonis
Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation  
Jimmy Song, @jimmysong
Bitcoin Educator 
Chris Burniske, @cburniske
Co-founder, Placeholder Ventures
Fred Ehrsam, @FEhrsam
Co-founder, Coinbase
Luke Martin, @VentureCoinist
Blockchain Startup Investor & Advisor
Dinis Guarda, @dinisguarda
CEO & Founder, Lifesdna & Ztudium 
Josh Olszewicz, @CarpeNoctom
Early Crypto Trader & Advisor 
Ari Paul, @AriDavidPaul
CIO, Blocktower Capital 
Ryan Selkis, @twobitidiot
CEO & Founder, Messari
Brock Pierce, @brockpierce
Venture Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur 
Da Hong Fei, @dahongfei
Founder, NEO 
Willy Woo, @woonomic
Crypto Asset Researcher
Gav Wood, @gavofyork
Co-founder & Former CTO, Ethereum
Nicolas Cary, @niccary
Eric Lombrozo, @eric_lombrozo
Co-CEO & CTO, Chiphrex Corp 
Vlad Zamfir, @VladZamfir
Ethereum Development Team
Brad Garlinghouse, @bgarlinghouse
CEO, Ripple 
Preethi Kasireddy
CEO & Founder, TruStory 
Charles Hoskinson, @IOHK_Charles
Co-founder, Ethereum & Cardano
Vinay Gupta, @leashless
CEO, Matthereum 
Meltem Demirors, @Melt_Dem
Chief Strategy Officer, Coinshare
Brendan Blumer, @BrendanBlumer
Co-founder, EOS 
Andrew DeSantis, @desantis
Co-founder, BTC Inc 
Marek Palatinus
CEO & Founder, SatoshiLabs
Michael Parsons, @BitcoinByte
Blockchain & Bitcoin Advisor 
Sunny Ray, @SunnyStartups
Co-founder & President, Unocoin
William Mougayar, @wmougayar
Founder & Producer, Token Summit 
Michael Novogratz, @novogratz
CEO, Galaxy Investment Partners
Dr. Craig Wright, @ProfFaustus
Chief Scientist, nChain 
Ryan X. Charles, @ryanxcharles
CEO & Co-founder, Yours Inc 
Kris Marszalek, @Kris_HK
CEO, Monaco 
Jackson Palmer, @ummjackson
Founder, Dogecoin
Peter Smith, @OneMorePeter
CEO & Co-founder, Blockchain Inc 
Michel Bauwens, @mbauwens
Founder, P2P Foundation
Community mentions:
Dr. Julian Hosp, @julianhosp
Co-founder, TenX
Shingo Lavine, @shingolavine
Founder & CEO, Ethos
Stephen Corliss, @BQXStephen
Chief Strategy Officer, Ethos