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Venn Answers to Life

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2nd Oct 2008

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You and what army? Jessica Hagy
Friday, 2 February 2007

Currently capturing the philosophical imagination, Jessica Hagy's blog hits just the right level of ironic sarcasm mixed with visual acumen to make Indexed a very fun read. Each posting consists of a diagram on an index card, and they reflect the variety of life with a touch of existentialism. Worth checking out and some are great to send along as a response the next time you can't quite sum up your angst/regret/socially over-it-ness.

Strangely avant garde yet ridiculous working with Karo Szmit and Clemens Kogler, Indexed also released a short film on the meaning of life - a must see! If Borat were a Yale philosophy professor, this might be the result.Click here to see it! Its great!

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Nice and selfish. Jessica Hagy