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The Best Co-working Spaces Around the World

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22nd Feb 2019


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Co-working is by no means a new phenomenom, although it's never been so popular. Today, co-working spaces are big business; they occupy 27 million square feet of office space in the US alone, and there are an estimated 14,500 spaces around the world. WeWork have become the leader in the field with over 120,000 customers and a $20bn valutation last year. So what are the best co-working spaces around the world? Here's our top 5...

Outpost, Bali & Cambodia

With locations in both Cambodia and Bali, Outpost has developed community focused spaces which combine both living and working, and also offer training opportunities with local organisations and businesses to provide members authentic and genuine experiences. Located in idyllic surroundings, this is sure to offer you the escape to paradise you were searching for. You can find all membership tariffs via our website here


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Factory, Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the world’s leading destinations for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other on-the-road creatives. Factory, a “community of innovators”, is arguably the king of the flourishing coworking market. The boxy building has positioned itself not only as a home for tech first-timers but multinational corporations: Soundcloud, Uber and relayr’s Berlin teams are all based at the space. Over 200 startups call Factory home, and its industrial design is in keeping with Berlin’s flair for repurposed buildings and all-night raves.


WeWork, Soho, NYC

WeWork’s SoHo location might not be its biggest, and its exposed-brick, simplistic design is the de facto look for coworking hubs around the world. But it is striking for the simple fact that it’s the very first of the world’s biggest coworking company, which now has 270 locations. If you’re looking for a convenient downtown location, a vibrant mix of companies, and a strong sense of history, it’s hard to beat this New York coworking space.


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Cocovivo, Isla de San Cristobal, Panama

For those who truly desire a secluded workspace, Cocovivo, located on the gorgeous Bocas del Toro (Bull’s Mouths) archipelago is a natural wonder, as well as a prime spot for emailing, WebExes and other daily chores. Not only are there 145 acres of rainforest right besides the space, but Cocovivo’s local coral reef is explorable and, at night, bioluminescent.


GoWork, Gargaon, India

New Delhi’s satellite city of Gurgaon – also known as Gurugram – might be the fastest-growing tech hub on earth. Now home to offices for over 250 Fortune 500 companies, the 900,000-population city also holds the world’s largest coworking space: GoWork. The 800,000 square-foot campus more closely resembles a glass-fronted corporate headquarters than entrepreneurial home. But its 12,000 seats far outstrip the next largest coworking space, WeWork’s 3,000-seat London base. And while it might not have the same architectural flair as other spots in this list, GoWork’s sheer size makes it a mouth-watering network opportunity for those looking to break into India’s bursting tech scene.


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