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The Cancun Pavilion

14:15 21/09/10

Stan Stalnaker said: The Hub Culture Cancun Pavilion is scheduled to operate from 28 November - 10 December, 2010.

It offers stunning facilities for negotiations, meetings and collaboration on the climate agenda for stakeholders in the discussion.

For more details on involvement and access, please email [email protected]

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1. Sep 28th, 2010

Raphaele Deau Hello Stan, where will you be located in Cancun. Do you have an adress already that I can communicate on?

2. Sep 28th, 2010

Svend Soeyland Bellona Foundation will again participate at UNFCCC negotiations. COP 16 to be held in Cancun is been regarded as a meeting of little importance, since Heads of State has been asked NOT to come. There are nevertheless several things that the hosts should try to achieve: An extension period to last until 2015, innovative options for climate finance and specific actions on fast mitigation options as well as practical sectoral approaches. Smaller crowds could open up for more fruitful discussions.
Could you please provide some more details on the envisaged location of Hub Culture at COP 16?

Svend Soeyland, International Adviser Bellona Foundation

3. Sep 28th, 2010

Stan Stalnaker hi svend and raphaele - the pavilion is located here: - on the north part of the Kulkulan strip facing the sea. We are opening collaboration wikis on various topics to start developing conversations and solutions prior to Cancun, and will be developing programming and events to connect and engage these players while in Cancun.

Last year our subnational leadership programme hosted California, Brazilian, Indonesian and African states for discussions and collaboration on the rainforests, resulting in strong progress toward carbon trading and protections in these areas.

This year we are hoping to develop virtual/onsight collaboration using the tools here on Hub to develop thinking before during and after the conference. you can help by inviting others relevant to the discussion into this group, and helping to develop thinking around what can be done going forward to crowdsource solutions.

For our part, we can make the currency Ven available to help fund and promote these developments by serving as a service and efforts value marker for the projects.

4. Oct 9th, 2010

Jean francois Lacourt Hey is this the Cancun group, if yes please let me know otherwise invite me to the right one, thanks.