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What is Hub Maison?

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12th Jul 2011

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Hub Maison is the fashion focused relative of Hub Culture. Maison is an innovative, ever-evolving floating boutique accessed via a uniquely eclectic format of stand-alone pop-ups, international fashion events and embeds within alternative Pavilions. Hub Maison is essential viewing for trend-focused groups and individuals.

In 2010 Hub Maison debuted in the form of a six week PopUp coinciding with New York Fashion Week and in collaboration with the internationally recognised brand Sportmax. In December 2010, Maison moved to London as a PopUp in co-operation with Veronica Moncho Lobo.

This type of retail model is rapidly evolving as a favoured outlet to showcase and ultimately sell high end designer clothing and merchandise; the transient, ever-changing face of fashion collections and products is ideally served by a corresponding eclectic store format.

Popup based outlets are uniquely attractive to groups and individuals keen to follow and emulate innovations in fashion, creating a buzz as a result of the last minute, and unannounced nature of the concept. It ensures that retail retains and further develops a fresh appeal, together with a feeling of exclusivity and innovation for members.

The primary objective of Hub Maison is the provision of a high caliber, stress free and avant-garde clothing service to Hub Culture members who may have little or no time to dedicate to personal shopping. Hub Maison showcases a wonderful mix of high-profile designers with contemporary style and an must have mind set. The upcoming summer collection is predominantly swimwear focused, showcasing a careful selection of designers. Watch this space!