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COP16 Sparks Climate Deal Day

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10th Dec 2010

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Climate Deal Day is an emerging project to foster deals that make the world a little better. It's for everyone.

Anyone can create and share a deal with yourself, your company, your family, your suppliers, your community to conserve energy, protect habitat, and promote new technology deployment. The solutions are endless, and you can make impact.

The big day is Wednesday, 26 January, 2011.

Climate Deal Day is for everyone, and the seed components of CDD are being shared to enable everyone to take part at their own pace and in their own way. A website, ClimateDealDay.org, is evolving to include information on the initiative including ideas and resources to support deal-making. The project is growing via the Internet, with actions and contributions from an increasing pool of voluntary leaders from around the world and across many sectors.

The Climate Deal Day project will be guided by climate and business leader Aimee Christensen, with network resources and curation provided from Hub Culture and other network members.

The idea grew out of interviews and meetings with business leaders at the Cancun climate talks (COP16) including from Siemens, Nike, Phillips, Dow Chemical Company, and Danfoss. A number of business events, many of which were hosted by the World Climate Summit, have highlighted the opportunities to grow global prosperity while reducing impact on the planet. CDD leaders spoke to Sir Richard Branson, who is investing a hundred million dollars into new energy sources to meet global business needs. CDD leaders spoke to Lord Nicholas Stern, who explained that we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution. They also met with members of the Carbon War Room, who explained that there are GIGATONS of carbon savings that can be achieved at a profit if certain barriers are broken down. And they spoke with The Coca-Cola Company, who announced a major new deal among Consumer Goods Forum members to get to net zero deforestation by 2020.

After over 40 interviews with climate leaders, the consensus was clear: it s all about deals, at all levels, and a fundamental transformation is underway throughout our economies, our communities, and our lives.

Climate Deal Day will help focus and accelerate these changes at all levels of society, and its networked, open-source nature, will enable innovations that grow with each passing day. The founders expect it to be an ongoing, organic campaign.

A series of resources have been established to provide seeds for the CDD project:

From Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/climatedealday

Something big is brewing. 1.26.11 #CDD http://hub.vg/FBCDD

What's your Deal? Climate Deal Day 1.26.11 #CDD http://hub.vg/CDDHome

From Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Climate-Deal-Day/138105546243664

An official page: http://hub.vg/FBCDD

An event: http://hub.vg/CDDEvent

From there, a news focus will shift to PAIRS, a wiki and tweet story announcing pairs of supporters via the Twitter channel. http://hub.vg/CDDPairs

A Youtube component will focus on "What's Your Deal?" and provide examples for deals people can do with their friends, families, organizations and others.

Official Site: http://www.ClimateDealDay.org and http://www.ClimateDealDay.com
Here are the official short links:
Web: http://hub.vg/CDDHome
Facebook: PAGE: http://hub.vg/FBCDD EVENT: http://hub.vg/CDD2011
Twitter: http://hub.vg/TCDD twitter.com/ClimateDealDay
Youtube: http://hub.vg/YCDD youtube.com/ClimateDealDay
CLIMATE Early Adopters Pool:
Collaboration: http://hub.vg/CDD
Pairs: http://hub.vg/CDDPairs
Logos: http://hub.vg/CDDLogos
For more information on Climate Deal Day or to get involved, please contact the CDD team or engage the seed resources.