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CDD2: Business, Government, Thought-Leaders Collaborate On Win-Win Climate “Deals”

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29th Mar 2011

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Business, Government, Thought-Leaders Collaborate On Win-Win Climate Deals

London Event Demonstrates the Business Value from Collaboration on Breakthrough Climate Solutions

LONDON, ENGLAND -- The second Climate Deal Day (CDD) brought together businesses and entrepreneurs such as Hara and The Long Run Venture, change agents such as 10:10 and the Carbon War Room, and government innovators such as the City of London s Food Board for a day of collaboration and deal-making. Climate Deal Day (CDD) is held each quarter to enable diverse actors to make deals to address climate change and to showcase leading deals accomplished within the previous quarter.

CDD was established based on the opportunities for business and society from addressing climate change: CDD is a chance for everyone to make a difference and create a healthier, more prosperous world with cleaner air, better jobs, more efficient industries, and a higher quality of life, said Stan Stalnaker, CEO of Hub Culture and a co-founder of Climate Deal Day. Achieved through innovative collaboration and win-win deals, CDD attendees from business, government, and non-profits connect and make deals that make a difference.

The inaugural CDD took place in Davos, Switzerland alongside the World Economic Forum where CDD facilitated discussions between financiers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and civil society that featured over $100 million in climate deals and was covered by the Wall Street Journal. The day provides a platform for businesses and organizations to announce new major efforts, as well as for each individual to take action to reduce environmental impact, Aimee Christensen, CEO of Christensen Global Strategies and the other co-founder of Climate Deal Day.

Climate Deal Day has opened my eyes to the potential for really imaginative public-private finance initiatives, said Rosie Boycott, Chairman of the London Food Board. Peter Boyd of the Carbon War Room offered, Days like this underscore that it s a false choice between the economy and the environment. Entrepreneurial energy is critical to build the global clean economy at speed and scale; today had no shortage of that kind of energy. And Jens Nielsen, co-founder of World Climate Ltd based in Copenhagen said, We shared strategies and approaches, sparking replication of models that are working in one place and that can now be taken around the world. Scott Cain, Founding Partner of the Long Run Venture summed up the day by saying Problems and barriers soon became deals and solutions at Climate Deal Day.

CDD s overarching goal is to demonstrate the power of our collective choices. Many solutions to our environmental challenges are great deals that save money, drive innovation, and benefit customers and communities. At this second Climate Deal Day in London, the following new deals were sparked:

Following in the development of the Vision 2012 sustainability food standards for the 2012 Olympics, the City of London has adopted those standards for the City, and will help roll them out in the UK and beyond.

10:10, CloudApps, and the Carbon War Room strategized on corporate and employee action to address climate change, compared ground-breaking tools for individuals and businesses to understand their climate impact and to enable them to optimize efficiency and sustainability, save money, increase competitiveness and drive innovation.

Climate Deal Day and Hara identified the need for standardized supply chain metrics and explored possibilities for convening key players prior to the next Climate Deal Day.

In addition to the deals sparked by Climate Deal Day, other deals were showcased from the previous quarter. These included:

On March 10, 2011 HP launched its Unlocking Your Energy Tour , a global initiative demonstrating the inherent compatibility of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. HP met or exceeded its 2009 energy-reduction goals nine months ahead of schedule. Today s HP products are, on average, 50 percent more energy efficient than they were five years ago, so consumers could save $10.4 billion in energy costs annually, and avoid emission of 40 million metric tons of CO2, if they recycled and replaced old technology with today s HP products.

Hub Culture and Nike announced the availability of forest carbon offsets for Nike s Mata no Peito project in Brazil. http://hub.vg/mato. Sales and retirement of Nike offsets to corporations and individuals seeking to reduce their carbon impact will provide seed funding for forest protection and reforestation, benefiting the climate and creating opportunities for forest-based communities. The Mata no Peito project is Nike s long-term commitment to work with local organizations and communities to protect and replant forests throughout Brazil. Eligible projects reforest degraded lands and reduce deforestation by providing alternative incomes and demonstrating sustainable land use practices. The projects will generate certified Voluntary Emissions Reductions, VERs, to be registered on Winrock International s non-profit American Carbon Registry.