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Einstein has famously said that we will never solve our problems with the same level of consciousness that create them. SO, how do we change our consciousness? Meditation is a key, but we also need to change how we think. Sustainable Intelligence is an answer.

A belief in our separateness from the rest of life on the planet is at the foundation of much of our actions and beliefs about what we can do and the implications of our actions. Native peoples do not suffer from this illusion. Those who have chosen to live the Western life style have little interaction with nature except for occasional forays and live in cultures that have long forgotten about any real connection to the natural world.

Sustainable Intelligence is composed of frameworks that bring back and reintroduce to our consciousness the same dynamics that Mother Nature has used for the past 3.7 billion years to keep Life vibrantly alive. Ecological Thinking, Systems Thinking and Sustainable Values™ are all aspects.

This group is being formed to promote an exploration and discussion of Sustainable Intelligence : what it is, how its applied and the benefits and concerns about its use. Please contribute your ideas, concerns, resources and wisdom.

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Sustainable Values™ Kathryn Alexander 0 17th January 2011

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