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The Christchurch Hub Pavilion enables collaboration, file sharing, group discussions and coordination using digital formats and a fixed real location, in this case temporary meetings at the main town square and via a meeting point at Yellow Rocket Bagel & Coffee.

Contact: for coordination support, and invite others who can help to participate via the group and Pavilion interfaces.


Title Author Remarks Last Active
Quake detailed data Jack Clause 0 25th February 2011
NZ Herald Jack Clause 0 25th February 2011
Swarming Collaboration for Christchurch Stan Stalnaker 0 25th February 2011

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Relief Efforts and Coordination via the Hub Culture Christchurch Venue

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In a new type of digital swarming initiative, Hub Culture has created a Christchurch Pavilion Venue to enable community collaboration and connections in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake. Please share the news and get involved!