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Swarming Collaboration for Christchurch

15:02 25/02/11

Stan Stalnaker said: This Instant Hub is the first of its kind for Hub Culture, so we're not too sure how it will work. The idea here is to use a fixed location and our collaboration tools to help aid workers in Christchurch, citizens and others to collaborate and help each other. Any proceeds resulting from Hub Christchurch related donations and income will be distributed via appropriate channels, and we are providing 100,000 Ven in liquidity to help citizens and local organizations help each other. We are still figuring out exactly how to deploy this, and will keep you updated as we can.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use the groups and other collaborative technologies around knowledge sharing, file sharing, discussions and the wikis' to build a helpful resource for Christchurch.

We'll see how it develops, and our aim is to help in some way, however large or small. You can do your part by connecting others, donating Ven to the Christchurch Hub.