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DJ Lineups and Unity Sound Experiences

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23rd Feb 2023

The +play Partner House with Hub Culture is set to host a series of unforgettable March evenings featuring talented DJs curated by Unity. Each musical artist brings a unique perspective to the House theme of togetherness, with a focus on next-gen creativity and culture expressed through a mix of electronic dance music, R&B-infused house beats, and soulful influences.

Each evening features a different musical performer, both from the international music scene and the local Los Angeles scene.

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During the week, DJ Mike Taylor will deliver versatile sounds. He is a talent known for crafting crowd-pleasing sets that keep audiences engaged from start to finish.

He incorporates elements of soul, gospel, EDM, and pop into his sets, creating a unique auditory experience.

Following we have DJ Charan, who is a highly sought-after DJ with over a decade of experience, known for keeping the dance floor packed all night long. He has performed for high-profile clients and A-list celebrities and regularly plays at popular venues in Los Angeles and worldwide.

On Wednesday, we celebrate International Women's Day with Venessa Michaels, a triple-threat producer, songwriter, and DJ. Her retro-futurist sound has captured the attention of trendsetting artists with her self-coined '2090' genre which blends various forms of club music with Y2K-inspired hip-hop and pop. Her influence on the scene is undeniable.




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Saturday evening, Verizon, Hub Culture and Unity will host DJ Kidnap, known for his high-energy live shows that showcase electronic dance music.

He has performed at some of the world's most prominent music festivals and is known for incorporating live instruments and vocals into his sets.




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On Awards night, DJ Le Youth is planning another standout performance, with a unique brand of R&B-infused house music that takes listeners on a journey through different eras of music.

He draws inspiration from a wide range of genres and is known for his lush, melodic soundscapes.

DJ Adam 12 completes the lineup, known for his deep knowledge of music and passion for curating sets that tell a story.

He incorporates a unique blend of electronic, rock, and hip-hop influences into his productions and DJ sets, and his work has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Nights of exceptional sound and unforgettable performances are on the House agenda, with a lineup of talented DJs and unique sounds designed to bring everyone together.

During the days, Unity is also curating an immersive auditory wellness experience, featuring Unity high fidelity audio headphones paired with a massage experience. Guests will experience their choice of recorded meditations with noted practitioners like Joe Dispenza and Ram Dass, along with deep sound healing frequencies delivered in exceptional quality through Unity's groundbreaking headphone technology.