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What's Working in Silicon Valley?

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3rd Nov 2016

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Silicon Valley is renowned as the leading technology hub of the world, so unsurprisingly it was a hot topic at GetGlobal 2016. Stopping into the Hub LA Pavilion during the course of the event, Grant Fondo, Partner at Goodwin Law and Joe Madden, CEO of EOS Climate dived into the nuance of how things get done in the Valley, with a look at what's great about being based there.

As Grant points out, Silicon Valley is set up as an infrastucture that allows technology companies to take off and disrupt the local market. He and his team at Goodwin Law are seeing 'change' or 'disruption' in two different ways - taking exisiting ideas and flipping them on their head, or completely revolutionary ideas. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence start-ups seem to be leading the way for new innovations in the area and are areas that the Valley is currently very focused on.

As CEO of a start-up himself, Joe Madden finds Silicon Valley to be a fantastic place for an entreprenuer. Within weeks of an idea, you are able to meet with key individuals and make solid connections to help get your idea off the ground - it has an ecosystem in place to drive adoption and scaling from many fronts - talent, capital, infrastructure and more.

Watch the full interview to hear more on the Silicon Valley eco-system and scaling start-ups.