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How Do Governors Drive Trade in US States

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15th Nov 2016

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Almost 9% of US exports in 2015 came from Oregon. New York is the biggest importer and exporter of diamonds in the US and 88% of exports from Arizona come from small or medium sized businesses.

These are just some of the interesting facts revealed when Hub Culture's Executive Editor Edie Lush spoke with Mark Brady, Director of the Office of International Trade & Investment for the National Governors Association at the GetGlobal conference in October.

How do governors relate to the federal government in terms of promoting trade? Brady emphasizes that the role of the federal government tends to be on policy, while state-focused governors are transactional; it's about growing their economies. Hungry for investment and jobs, State leaders think much more like a business and are ultimately, the best promoters for their state and the businesses in them. Governors are also looking to attract investment into the country from numerous different sources, worldwide.

Watch the full interview and hear more great facts about governors and their role in driving trade development for the United States.