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21st Apr 2013

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Hub Culture is teaming up with Garage Espresso in bustling St. Kilda to provide Hub services in Melbourne. Stop in for a coffee and a chat, where the wifi is free and the eating is good.

The recently opened cafe is already a second home to St. Kilda's residents, serving up delicious fare, the perfect flat white and tasty treats throughout the day. Onsite wifi and a large central meeting table dominate the space - where the crowds arrive early in the morning and the fast paced music keeps everyone moving. Its the perfect spot for a quick meeting, to drop in and do some writing, or to rent for a special evening event.

In addition to Ven links for coffees and services, the Garage will be working with Hub Culture as an anchor point for a range of Melbourne linked services, from construction consulting to tattoos that can all be purchased with Ven. To be a part of the action, be sure to join the Melbourne Hub online, and invite your friends in to earn some Ven, which can be used for a growing list of related services and products at Hub Melbourne.

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