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The Ven Economy

23:56 10/04/11

Stan Stalnaker said: We're getting started on building the Ven economy in Cape Town, so we're looking for representatives interested in bringing items, services and projects to the platform. If you've got something, get in touch, and we'll see what we can do to help...

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1. Apr 12th, 2011

Zoey Chant Hi Stan, I just moved back from Cape Town to London last week... I'm sure I can help with a few contacts who will be enthusiastic about this. Grab me for a chat when you're next around the London hub! :0) Zoey

2. Apr 12th, 2011

Stan Stalnaker cool! please invite them, and you can use the ven you earn from the invites at hub london

3. Mar 14th, 2012

Willie Möller Hi Stan, I would be interested in bringing software services to the platform. Are all types of items/products allowed (like perishable goods, clothing etc)?