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Announcing Knowledge Broker Units

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7th Apr 2016

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Knowledge Brokerage Units are a new approach to consulting and strategy projecdts. With over 40 knowledge brokers in amazing cities around the world, Hub Culture has great infrastructure in place for deal management and introduction services managed via set commission rates, and we're happy that is established and working well.

Commissions are great for introductions and deal transactions, but Hub Culture members also ask for help with ongoing consulting and strategy projects. For a long time Hub has offered consultation hours or vertical services (in PR, real estate, wealth management, social media etc) at various consultation/hourly rates, but that structure is not ideal for projects where time is important but not the only factor at hand.

Enter Units - which enable ongoing consulting for projects. One Unit = 5000 Ven (about US$500) and enables clients and Knowledge Brokers a way to develop offers and proposals based on a mix of time and skill. Sometimes, a piece of knowledge is really valuable but can be delivered in a few minutes, or other times, work might take a few hours spread over days, but isn't worth hourly or day rates. In these scenarios you can suggest that the project is worth a set number of Units, which you can then set parameters around according to your own perceived value and the client's.

We hope Units will be useful for you and help you to develop longer term Knowledge Brokerage consulting and strategy projects with the rest of KB community. Access Units here, or get in touch with a Knowledge Broker or Valet to schedule a project.