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An overview of Knowledge Brokerage and our Knowledge Brokers, Consuls and Valets.

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Quick request? Crowdsource Hub Culture.

Need strategic high-value knowledge? Book a broker.


Hub Culture Knowledge Brokerage is designed to help members create opportunities and value from knowledge shared with others. The system operates on two levels: 
1. Exchange: Any Hub member can seek, share and price knowledge. The system works by tagging knowledge requests by members and comparing them to tags tied to your profile. Visible only to the community, a request is sent to those we think are a potential good fit for the knowledge transaction. To receive requests, you need to add tags to your profile so relevant requests can be directed to you.
2. Brokerage: Any Hub member can engage strategic intelligence with a Hub Culture Knowledge Broker, who will meet with you in a one hour session to help you craft a plan, then engage others in the network to achieve your goals. You can ask us almost anything - we use the network to find the people with the answers. We have brokers in over 20 cities around the world, and can handle requests remotely from anywhere.
The world today operates on knowledge and networks. At the highest level, Hub Culture provides curated access to people with strong networks who can achieve incredible results, just by tapping what they know. Our specialties in this area include social media outreach, globalization, new climate/energy and strategic introductions.
To help facilitate this and other micropayments we created Ven, our digital currency. Ven helps you share value for services so you can trade knowledge easily.

Recommended Use: Strategic

The Strategic Knowledge Brokerage function involves listening. Hub Culture knowledge brokers sit down with members to discover what they need, then use the resources of the network to deliver access to answers. This work is usually conducted on a retainer or project basis and has included needs as diverse as helping gold mines in Canada to travel companies in Bangkok. All Strategic Knowledge Brokers have impeccable backgrounds at high levels of their chosen fields.

Recommended Use: Crowd

The Crowd Knowledge Brokerage function can be used for any type of information exchange cheaply and quickly by posting a request to the network at large.
Some tips:
1. Money talks - the more Ven you offer for answers, the faster the crowd pounces. Offering 1, 10, even 100 Ven doesn't get you very far.
2. Write a clear, informative title or as a question.
3. Think about how to term your request in something actionable - the more specific the better.
4. Add deadlines to help keep it clear.
5. Negotiate Ven differentials yourself. For example, a person may have the knowledge you need but offered at a different price. It is up to you to negotiate the amount that works for you.
6. KB works on a transparent honor system, Ven rankings help show who's active and efficient, and are calculated based on transaction volume and size of network within the community. Its up to you to honor your stated commitments when posting a request.
7. Like any market, the more Ven you offer, the more people tend to respond.
Knowledge requests automatically disappear from the system after six months, so keep an eye on progress. After a knowledge request is completed, you will find a record in your Ven transaction archive reminding you of the value of the transaction.


Its possible that no knowledge answer will come from your request. If that is the case, the request will remain searchable for up to six months before quietly going away. If you complete a knowledge request please do your part to delete it from your personal "My Knowledge" page. This helps make everything more efficient and avoids multiple requests being sent to you.
Hub Culture is working with the community to develop Knowledge Brokers, experts in key areas who can pick up a knowledge request and add personal human expertise to the project. See the Store for bookings.


Knowledge Contracts allow you to quickly and easily issue contracts to other members in the network and feature auto-generating terms and conditions to specify impartial detail to the agreement between two parties.


If you are not a member of Hub Culture yet, you need to be invited into the system by an existing member. This is to maintain quality in terms of responses and knowledge shared. Hub Culture is a respectful, intelligent community with very influential people. Misuse, including spamming or annoying over-communication may be a violation of our terms and conditions and can result in deletion at the sole discretion of community leaders.