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La Dolce Vita at the Hub Culture Capri Innovation Campus 2019

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3rd Jul 2019

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This summer Hub Culture is turning the beautiful island of Capri into an interactive classroom dedicated to debate and creative alchemy. The isle has long captured the imagination of many minds, stretching from Jackie O all the way back to the Roman emperor Tiberius, who was occasionally known to toss a dinner guest from his rocky promontory at Villa Jovis.

Fundamental to the Hub Culture Innovation Campus are a dozen big questions we wish to explore from 15-29 July in Capri. To participate, you just need to be present. Lunchtime conversations in La Piazetta, an ice cream stroll through the winding streets. Doing your own thing, alongside others doing their own thing. Two beach days at the legendary Fontelina beach club, on 20 and 27 July (seating is limited RSVP now). Daily invitations to lunch or dinner, or poolside debates at the Innovation Campus, situated near a cliff dropping away to the azure sea. We promise not to push you, or your brain, over the edge. 

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Technology threatens to consume us. Relationships endeavour to save us. So tell a friend or colleague, contact our Hub Culture A.I. Concierge, and make your way to La Dolce Vita this July.

Here is what we'll be talking about online and in person:

Wednesday 17th: What does it mean to be successful today?

Thursday 18th: Are we the last unaugmented generation?

Friday 19th: What are the implications of A.I on human freedom?

Saturday 20th: Should my children gene edit my grandchildren?

Sunday 21st: How do we combat monolithic tech?

Monday 22nd: What are the real implications of decentralization?

Tuesday 23rd: Will we retire?

Wednesday 24th: How do we extend the good life to all?

Thursday 25th: Is climate change inevitable?

Friday 26th: How do we make finance more fair?

Saturday 27th: Should robots be autonomous?

Sunday 28th: Which is greater - truth or trust?

To participate, just come to Capri! Use the Hub Culture app to create or join events and conversations in the Capri hub. Watch for specific event invitations and tune in online and via our social channels for special guest contributions throughout the run of this year's Innovation Campus.  We can also help you book a hotel, apartment or villa during your stay.  

You can always add your answer to our daily questions via Twitter and Instagram, #HubCapri or pass this to a friend whom you think should come. Remember, the Innovation Campus is powered by Ven, our digital currency, and you can earn Ven for every friend you invite to the community.

Other questions? Ask Zeke.ai or fire a note to [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you in Capri this summer.