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15th Feb 2012

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Every so often things fly together in a delicate mix of elements to create something wonderful. Such is the case with A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer, a collection of one night performances led by a growing cast of prominent female talent from around the world. MMPR hits London on 26 March 2012, produced by the new production company Restless Buddha, led by Michelle Yue and Lauren Prakke.

This collection of single acts is for a great cause: women. Part of VDay 2012, it benefits charities dedicated to stopping violence against women and girls - focused on Haiti via Women for Women International, and also women in London. The focus is on those affected by the twin horrors of rape and war - (sadly Haiti knows this well) from which women are all to often forgotten or ignored.

Because there are women and girls trying to escape domestic violence everywhere, each act is inherently local and differs from city to city. In a moment where domestic violence seems to be everywhere - (think Chris Brown and Beverly Hills housewife Taylor Armstrong's public showcases), the London approach from the art world offers a truly different sensibility to the topic and its many ugly forms.

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Headlined by Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues fame, Trudie Styler, Meera Syal, Olivia Williams and even Rosario Dawson (if she makes her plane) some strong women are slated to perform a collection of pieces to inform the audience about how violence against women affects everyone. It includes work from Jane Fonda on mojo, Patricia Bosworth on relationships, Maya Angelou on work, and even Edward Albee on S&M.

As impressive as the writers and performers are the London-based artistic talents filling the director chairs. From Jake Chapman to TATE Modern director Chris Dercon, our lovely Empress of the East Iwona Blazwick OBE to RADA's Sue Dunderdale, even the impressive Marcus Warren and Anna Ledwich - it seems suddenly the world of art has collided with the world of theatre. There will be repurcussions.

Since this show is for one night only, tickets are available by advance purchase directly from the Lyric Theater Box Office. +44 844 412 4661 or Nimax Theatres, and are expected to sell out. You'll find Hub Culture camped out on the third section, front row, but the more discerning can choose from a range of ticket prices from 21- 96.00.

It's also nice to see the 1% at Goldman Sachs Gives matching ticket sales with donations, and that tripled by the Millby Trust. The fancy seats, which include a special after-party with the talent, go for 250.00, benefit the causes most and hit Goldman the hardest. Noted, JPMorgan and Citigroup?

Learn more about VDay, coming 2.14.13 here, and don't miss the night!

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