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Programme and Speakers, 2013

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Welcome to the Liquidity: 2013 Programme and Speakers project notes

Location: Level 39, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, 10 September 2013      

9:00: Doors Open & Welcome, coffee/breakfast

9:30: Opening Welcome, Eric Van der Kleij, Level 39 and Stan Stalnaker, Hub Culture

10.00: The Liquid Future, Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director, Hub Culture

 White boarding the big issues with Indy Johar, Hub Westminster

10.10: The New Financial Ecosystem

Kahina van Dyke, Global Head, Group Initiatives, Mastercard Worldwide

Richard Johnstone, SVP Strategy, Monitise

10.40: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ven – Rise, Risk, Regulation

James Smith, Bitcoin Foundation (UK) and BitPrice

11.00: Coffee, Tea & Youtube: A Tale of Two Currencies

11.10: Mobile Payments and Strategies

Pavlo Tanasyuk, CEO and Founder, Monexy

Alexander Shelkovnikov, Head of Mobile Strategy Consulting, Deloitte

Simon Deane-Johns, Keystone Law

11.40: Venture Capital for FinTech

Josh Bell, Principal, Dawn Capital and Wonga

Harry Briggs, Principal, Balderton Capital

12.20: States and Jurisdictions: Emerging Subnational Financial Zones

Richard Gibbs, iCity London

13.00: Lunch

14.00:  Hedge Funds and Innovation

Josh Wyatt, Patron Capital

Jason Mitchell, GLG Partners

John Pitts, Forbes Private Capital Partners

14.20:  Where Innovation Meets Regulation, The Role of Government

Luc Delany, Principal, Delany & Co.

Julia Streets, Streets Consulting

14:40:   Billion Dollar Babies - Bank Views Outside In

Peter Merrens, Director, Cisco Consulting - Financial Services

Chris Lowe, Director, Bloomberg Tradebook

15.00: Coffee, Tea & Youtube: Financial Singularities

15.20:  P2P Money: Lending and Crowd-sourcing

Discussion Moderator: Elizabeth Lumley, Finextra

Giles Andrews, CEO and Founder, Zopa

Mike Stein, Founder, The Trillion Fund

15.40:  Big Data and Future Macro Development

John Clippinger, MIT Media Lab and ID3 Initiative

Jonathan Ledgard, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Future Africa)

16.10:  White boarding the big issues

16.45: Cocktails and Networking