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Four techniques to improve your video conferencing presentation skills

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2nd Apr 2020

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Posted on March 30, 2020 by Executive Editor Edie Lush

(or, how to Zoom your way through Covid-19)

I’m doing online communication training courses – tailored for people who are doing more online video conference pitches and speeches. To be clear, I have been doing these for years, but for obvious reasons they have become very popular lately.

A typical course last about three hours and has between 1-3 people. I run the whole thing over your new favourite video platform Zoom. But if you favour some different system I am sure I can accommodate you.

No matter whether the course is online or in person people’s needs are the same – how to appear human, authentic, interesting and confident while pitching, giving a speech and having a meeting. There are some differences with presenting online and I go through these in a lot more depth in the course.

So to give you a taste of few of the skills you might encounter to expect on a course with me I commandeered my fellow co-isolationsists and got them to illustrate a few of the basics.

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1. Stand up!

This tip is illustrated by my photo model / co-worker / husband @cosmolush who swears by this technique as he is pitching via video conference fairly constantly. (As I type, he is standing up, chatting over the computer). This position helps you keep your energy up, your voice in the full vocal range – including the lower notes that add gravitas, and appears confident and comfortable.

2. Use your hands and emphasise the key words

The second tip, or rather series of tips, features another one of my Covid-19 coworkers, @tabbylush. Tabby gives five top presentation techniques from the book I wrote with Charlotte McDougall for the How To Academy – get it here. Among the tips are how to increase impact by gesturing with your hands and emphasising the key words.

3. Keep watching yourself

The third presentation technique comes from another co-worker @mlush. Filming reveals what you sound and look like, so in order to improve keep doing it. It is such a cliche but practise really does make perfect, especially if you note what you want to improve and focus on addressing those issues.

4. Add a bit of colour

The fourth tip comes from my daughter Amity (@_amity.lush_) If you are presenting something that’s a bit dry or technical, try and liven it up with an analogy or example. Most of us are visual learners and these help paint a picture in the audience’s head which makes it easier to remember.

If you want to know more about Edie's online training check out this page of her website.