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MAPS: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, the world’s largest peace park.

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27th Oct 2017

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An award-winning Canadian musician, yogini, author and activist - and a dedicated group of fellow volunteers - are inspiring change to international law, to protect the Arctic Ocean and all life on Earth. And you can play a part.

Twice rising to #1 in the Canadian electronica charts and having performed at notable venues globally, Parvati was set to tour Asia in 2010. But feeling called to do more for changing climate, she cancelled her tour and travelled instead to the North Pole. There, she became the northernmost musical performer ever, raising awareness of the vanishing polar ice that keeps the planet cool.

She says, I returned carrying this unanimous message from everyone I spoke with in the Arctic: the ice is melting. Animals are dying. People are suffering. Tell the South to stop polluting. That set the tone for my work ever since.

When Parvati learned in 2014 of plans for seismic testing in Canada s Arctic, she was deeply concerned. I knew in every cell of my body that I could not let this happen. That s when she founded the not-for-profit Parvati.org. She rallied friends who were experts in their fields, with the goal to protect the Arctic Ocean from harmful activity such as seismic testing, oil drilling, commercial fishing and through shipping.

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Today, much of the Arctic Ocean is unprotected under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which gives coastal states full authority to exploit all natural resources within 200 nautical miles or more from their coastlines. That s why Parvati.org created the MAPS Treaty as an addendum to the UNCLOS, that protects all Arctic Ocean waters north of the Arctic Circle.

Every member state of the United Nations is eligible to sign the MAPS Treaty. It enters into force with the signatures of 99 states, including those with territory in the Arctic Ocean.

MAPS is the world s largest proposed peace park. It stops all activity in the Arctic Ocean that harms melting polar ice, and hopes to support the regeneration of this essential ecosystem. By taking all Arctic seabed petroleum resources off the table for good, MAPS accelerates the world s pivot to renewables. As such, MAPS is a profoundly practical solution to the planetary crisis we now face.

MAPS must be realized now, says Parvati. The planet cannot wait - and neither can we.

Parvati.org has a four-point plan to ensure MAPS is realized. It is based on government relations, United Nations relations, grassroots support and a marketing strategy to penetrate, permeate and pervade global awareness with the urgent need for MAPS. Parvati has dedicated her entire creative offering to this marketing plan, supplying an exceptionally broad range of products in music, yoga and words.

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Luminaries such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Sylvia Earle endorse MAPS. Parvati.org s mentor and advisory team includes Carl Gustaf Lundin of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Ief Winckelmans of Ocean Impact Alliance, as well as Live Aid s Harvey Goldsmith and award-winning music producer Chris Porter.

We have the plan, says Parvati. We have the team. But now, we need the funds. Your generous donations help make MAPS possible now, while there is still time.

Find out more at Parvati.org, where you can sign and share the petition, and donate.