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Dhamma Dana: Rare footage into Burmese Buddhism

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9th Jun 2009

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The film maker Theodore Martland just completed production of Dhamma Dana, his second film. Dhamma Dana is a 30-minute documentary that takes you inside the Theravada monastic tradition of Myanmar (Burma). In the Theravada tradition peace and freedom are not pursued externally like it is for us in the West.
Instead, the Theravada Buddhists find freedom within themselves. In the Golden Land of Buddhism, 90% of Burmese follow this ancient practice.

Martland had to obtain permission and special documents from the Burmese Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Burmese military government in order to travel throughout Myanmar on a special visa and film the rich Buddhist culture. I was accompanied by my meditation teacher, U Hla Myint, and an extraordinary Burmese nun and social worker, Dr Molini; both of whom you ll see in the film. The documentary provides extraordinary insight into a culture that is isolated from modernity; a culture that few Westerners ever get to experience. If you have any interest I hope you ll take a look. I have tried to bring you something truly uplifting from the other side of the world!

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BUY A DVD for charity. Your money will go to a good cause! (Only $12.82!)

After covering production costs, all profit will benefit Sister Molini s non-profit organization, the Dhamma Moli Project. The Dhamma Moli Project prevents girls from being sold into the South Asian sex trade. In Nepal, sister Molini and her fellow social workers began building a nunnery by hand so they could provide a home and education for young
Nepalese girls who are at risk of being sold into brothels. The project is under 10 years old but is blossoming. However, they still have to refuse to accept some girls because of the overwhelming numbers and lack of funding.

I hope you all have a chance to take a look into this niche of our globe and learn something new and interesting. I also hope you are blessed with the urge to help out.

Visit www.lowpressurefilms.com to order a DVD and learn more!

Theodore Martland

[email protected]


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