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August Update for Camp

12:50 17/08/15

Stan Stalnaker said: Just an update on developments for our camp together at Burning Man - looking forward to seeing you all and many thanks for your various efforts. Our village leader, Gonzo and I spoke today and discussed some more aspects of our village, which is coming together well.

1. Tickets - So far Elizabeth, Jodon, Mandy, Dino, Brady, Patrick and Elena have tickets. I am working on getting more tickets for myself and others on the waiting list, and we are waiting to hear from James Gwertzman and a few others about joining our group. Things are looking much better on this front and its taking shape, and thanks to Elizabeth and Gonzo for working so hard on tickets.

2. Tower - Firechat and Hub Culture are partnering to build a communication tower with LED in our camp - this is being funded by Firechat and Brady is leading this - very exciting as it will give us a visible beacon from the playa to our camp and provide a wonderful chat gift to the community.

3. Food and Supplies - we are working on supplies inventory and food plans, and need to finalise who is cooperating on this during the week. We’ll be doing at least a feast on Sunday and an animal rights vegan dinner on Thursday, but as per last year other meals and activities will be coordinated in the coming days.

4. Camp Setup - Elizabeth and I are looking at camp set up - sheets for shade, some carpet for a basic lounge area, and other work. Some of this will depend on what we can bring with us in the RVs, but the good news is we have lots of room! that means the tower will have the space it needs and we can work on the mirror based accents which fit the overall theme of this year’s event. We are located at 6:15/G very close to last year.

5. Arrivals - we have 8 early arrival passes for our group to help on setup and camp development. Some of us will be aiming for a Saturday arrival, and will need to take into account who is arriving when. Please email me and let me know when you plan on or need to arrive.