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14th Sep 2014

Topic: Erasing Ebola - A Collective Meditation

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Topic: Erasing Ebola.

Everyone has seen the sad news that Ebola in West Africa is growing exponentially, with a 60% mortality rate affecting tens of thousands. Let's counter Ebola, via a coordinated meditation to occur Sundays at 3.00-3.15pm GMT from now into October.
The idea that intention and visualisation influence real world outcomes is gaining momentum in circles of people who are aware of energetic connections, and we're applying this thinking toward the rapidly growing Ebola crisis in West Africa.
This concept of collective consciousness indicates benefits can be obtained from people working together in meditation by focusing on a united vision, or mandala.
Burning Man attendees report seeing this in evidence with highly concentrated intentionality in one place, churches, mosques, temples and prayer groups work on a similar basis via their expressions of faith, and scientists even report quantum effects in energy related to where attention is placed on an atom. It's all related.
These moments of intense, distributed meditation send strength to aid workers trying to stop the disease, to comfort those suffering, and to visualise abatement. By contributing this thought and energy in the form of peaceful meditation with intention, quantum influences can come to bear and influence the situation for the better. Even a slight affect will be meaningful. The universe wants to deliver what we ask of it, we just need to ask.
This 15 minute meditation can be done anywhere - with anyone - and is timed to occur at a time of day for maximum participation - morning in the US and Latam, afternoon in Europe, and late evening in Asia. The more participants, the better and stronger it can be.
So share it, take part, and simply meditate on the topic - visualize abatement, comfort and strength, Ebola's end and a fade out. Gather others. We'll be doing this weekly into October in the hope it creates a positive effect.
For scientific evidence on how coordinated thought/experience has physical effects see this:
To donate: We recommend the Red Cross Ebola Appeal.
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Timings: Sunday 21 September onward through October.
Bangkok: 11pm
Beijing: 11pm
Berlin: 4pm
Capetown: 3pm
Chicago: 9am
Dubai: 7pm
Hong Kong: Midnight
Lagos: 3pm
London: 3pm
Paris: 4pm
New York: 10am
Rio de Janeiro: 11am
San Francisco: 7am