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Welcome to the Hub Culture Global Headquarters in Bermuda. Please note that changes are coming to Bermuda resident accounts regarding Ven and Ultra, effective May 15, 2020. If you have Ven or Ultra Assets in your account, you can request a withdrawal to BMD or shop in our e-commerce stores up to this point. After this point, Bermuda residents will not have access to these services until local regulatory conditions change.

Stay tuned for upcoming events in 2023, including the Bermuda Climate Summit and the Hub Culture Frontlines Summit, from 25-29 June, 2023.

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Propel Governance 🗳️   Add ESG BUDGETS  

Policy - Fish served by the company should be sustainably sourced from any ocean except the Atlantic
Policy - All board members are to act with the Atlantic Ocean as a lens in their decisionmaking
Principle - All members have an equal vote on matters of importance Points/Tags : bermuda, rules
Plank - Dark and stormy every day Points/Tags : drinks

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Frontlines Summit Bermuda: Outlines for Climate Action

Article Image

The frontlines of climate change are everywhere and cover a myriad of situations. From this summer’s devastating Canadian wildfires to European rivers running dry, nature is showing humanity everything is connected. Ocean health and biodiversity, shoreline protection, digital development and monitoring, and rights for nature all intersect at the frontlines of climate action.

With these issues and more on the agenda, the Hub Culture Frontlines Summit convened in Bermuda on June 28th to share scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge in an attempt to close some knowledge gaps around how to proceed with action on these and other topics.

Bermuda's Bridge to the Future...

Article Image

Bermuda is known for its pink-sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and picture-perfect landscapes. However, it's also become known for its forward-thinking outlook when it comes to innovation and technology. From blockchain to virtual currencies and beyond, the world of finance is undergoing a major revolution and Bermuda is making sure it is a leader in the Fintech sector.

Changes to Services in Bermuda

Article Image

Hub Culture is adapting services for Ven and Ultra for Bermuda residents. Learn about the changes and the thinking behind them.

Are you ready for lab grown meat?

Article Image

Hub Culture's Executive Editor Edie Lush explores the new phenomena of lab grown meat...