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Ultra Art Enables New Financing Mechanisms for the Art World from Hub Culture

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The expansion of Hub Culture's Ultra Asset tokenisation system continues with the arrival of Ultra Art at Art Basel Miami Beach 2018. Ultra Art enables art pieces to be tokenized and traded on the Ultra platform, opening up new liquidity and managment resources for artists, collectors and investors.

Ultra Reveals New Tokenised Dollar, Euro, Pound and other Asset Transfer Capabilities

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Ultra, (the Hub Culture exchange system for tokenized assets) has revealed new capabilities for sending and receiving tokenized dollars, euros and other currencies at the 2018 FedPayments Community Improvement Forum in Chicago. These Ultra Assets,  including tokenized assets representing uUSD, uEUR, uGBP, uHKD, uAED and other currencies, can now be exchanged between members, purchased with Ven, and stored in digital vaults managed by Hub Culture.

Ultra Carbon, a Tokenised Asset Object (TAO), Makes Carbon Trading Available to Everyone

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At the Transition Monaco Forum focused on scaling renewable energy and climate solutions, Hub Culture has announced Ultra Carbon, a digitised carbon token running on the Ultra network. It is the first tool to enable tokenised real-time peer to peer carbon trading.

ULTRA Blockchain Project

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ULTRA is an open source, decentralized blockchain project. It aims to provide a transaction protocol for any type of asset with a lexicon of shared data standards to which anyone can contribute

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