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6 “Bad” Features of Retro Cars That Are Missing in New Cars

Article Image

Most often, modifications benefit cars, and every year they become more powerful with the same engine size, safer, and more comfortable. But there are quite a few features of vintage cars that were not as bad as they are described.

6 Common Car Malfunctions That You Should Never Ignore

Article Image

Some car breakdowns are not critical and allow you to operate the car, while others, on the contrary, require immediate elimination. It is essential to understand that a car needs maintenance and thoughtful operation to be safe. Here is a list of six common car malfunctions that you should never ignore.

6 Essential Things You Need to Know About Buying a Car and License

Article Image

Owning a car is a good option for people living in the U.S. Even if you donโ€™t have a car, there could be a tipping point when you will need it.

8 Hatchbacks That Are Faster Than Most Sports Cars

Article Image

When you see a hatchback, you most likely think it is a "family" or "city" car rather than a sports car. You cannot perceive a hatchback like a sports car, because, according to stereotypes, this car cannot accelerate to high speed. In addition, hatchback suspension, braking system, and other units are not designed for high speed and heavy load. However, there are hatchbacks that look like typical city cars but can overtake some sports cars.