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15 Amazing Tips to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

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4th Aug 2021

Many people think that a small apartment is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. But despite popular belief, small apartments can be cozy and comfortable. Of course, the first and the most obvious way to increase your living space is to change an apartment. However, many people don’t have an opportunity to enlarge the space, especially if they rent an apartment. 

Fortunately, some tips and tricks can help you visually increase the space of your apartment while maintaining its functionality. Keep reading to discover 15 amazing tricks to make your apartment seem larger.

1. Consider the proportions of the interior

The most important thing in the interior is to create the correct volume. The area of the ​​premises should match the height of the ceiling. This allows you to create beautiful and harmonious spaces even in a small apartment. The higher the ceiling, the larger the room can be. If the ceiling is low, do not make studio apartments. This will not increase the area but will emphasize the low ceilings.

2. Paint the walls in adjoining rooms the same color

Painting the walls of the different rooms in one color will visually unite the premises, and the apartment will seem more spacious. The same tip works for the floor. Use the same floor color and material throughout the apartment to visually expand the space. Moreover, if you paint the ceiling and walls in the same color, this helps to hide the transition line between them, thereby visually increasing the height of the room.

3. Create a focal point

Each room of the apartment should have a compositional center. Place one very large object in a small room. It will attract the eye and distract attention from the size of the room. In the bathroom, this can be, for example, a large lamp, in a small bedroom - a panel at the head of the bed, and so on.

4. Combine different textures in one room

Using different textures in one room will make the space more interesting and emotionally richer. It is impossible to fit a lot of different objects in one small room. For this reason, it is important to observe the principle of textured contrast. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a very boring monotonous space.

5. Use the principle of symmetry

Symmetrical composition is a sure-fire way to balance a space. Even tiny rooms can become beautiful and bigger with this technique: thanks to symmetry, a small room will not look cramped or crowded with furniture. But avoid using this technique in every single room. This can make your apartment look tedious and boring.

6. Decide on the number, size, and shape of items

Leave only those items that are really needed. Remove unnecessary items ruthlessly. Use small, light, and mobile items and pieces of furniture so that they don’t clutter the space. It is recommended to choose round shapes. The fewer sharp corners in small rooms, the better.

7. Draw contrasting edging on the ceiling

Making a contrast edging on the ceiling will help you visually increase the height of the ceiling. Edges draw attention to the ceiling, highlighting it in an additional plane. Visually, space expands as the gaze rushes up. When the ceiling is inactive, you simply don’t notice it. When the ceiling falls out of our attention, it narrows the space.

8. Create storage spaces above eye level

This technique allows you to find additional storage space but doesn’t overload a small apartment. People tend not to notice what is above eye level, so the room seems freer and more spacious. But these places are only suitable for things that you rarely use because storage spaces above eye level are often hard to reach.

9. Hide cabinets in niches and make them the same color as the walls

This tip allows the cabinets to dissolve in the space of your apartment. Ideally, the guests who come to you shouldn’t see at all where your storage systems are. It is very bad when a giant wardrobe,  which is impossible to miss, becomes the main "decoration" of the interior. 

10. Use transparent objects and glossy surface

Using transparent objects and glossy surfaces allows you not to overload the space while maintaining functionality. Light-reflecting surfaces fill the space with air and freshness. Instead of massive brick walls, you can choose sliding glass walls. They make the space airier and visually expand your apartment, while still zoning the space. 

11. Give up some familiar items

If you have a grocery store near your home, store the products in the store's refrigerators, not in your kitchen. This will allow you to put a small built-in refrigerator under the countertop instead of a large one. Such a small refrigerator is often enough for a family of two or three people. 

If you are using an electric kettle, try replacing the four-burner hob with a two-burner one. This will make it possible to allocate more workspace in the kitchen.

12. Make glossy floors instead of glossy ceilings

Contrary to popular belief, glossy stretch ceilings don’t make the ceiling seem higher or the room seem bigger. However, a glossy floor works much better with low ceilings. Due to the fact that the walls are reflected in the floor, the height of the room becomes visually bigger. This helps to add space to your apartment visually. 

13. Use multifunctional items

In a tiny flat, multifunctional furniture can help you save space significantly. A table, pouf, console, and armchair may be moved from the entryway to the living room, and then to the kitchen or bedroom. You may move them within your apartment to make new compositions and refresh the design. When many items are gathered in one area of your residence, then another one becomes freer. This means there will be more space and it will seem larger!

14. Don't break all the walls

Nooks and corridors make the apartment deeper, creating a feeling that the apartment is larger than it actually is. Studio apartments look good only in big apartments where large areas are available.

15. Use high mirrors

It is recommended to use high mirrors if you want to visually increase the space of your apartment. Placed near or opposite doorways and windows, they create the illusion of more rooms in the apartment.