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How to Fix Windows Making Noise During Opening

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23rd May 2018

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Here you can find all the questions and answers concerning problems with closing or opening your windows. If you hear strange noises while closing the window or when its tightly closed, perhaps you will find the answer here.

  1. You hear a metal grinding, when the window is thrown back and closed, from the place where the scissors are at the top of the folding mechanism.

You should try to put the fold lower with a vertical regulator, or one of the horizontal ones. If this does not help, then it is possible that any eccentric touches the clamping pad, for this it is necessary to rearrange the clamping pad to the left or right, so that it does not interfere.

  1. When you open the balcony door (it can open in the ventilation mode), a loud crackle can be heard from the lower loop, as if some part in the tension turns, and then takes its place. Unscrewing the hexagon at the top and cleaning does not help.

The reason is, most likely, in the skewing of the door. Ease the lower loop and it will get better but it can reveal other problems with the door.

  1. The swivel folding flap strongly tilts when folding and the window is like raised and is thrown with force.

Maybe the window is lifted too much and it rubs on the frame with the folding mechanism. In this case, the frame needs to be put a little lower. Or the frame is too low, and it rubs and clings to the lower stop. In this case, the frame needs to be raised slightly and the oil retainer should be lubricated for better gliding. Or the eccentrics cling to the presser pads. In this case, if all the rest of the adjustment is correct, you need to ask for a professional help.

  1. The adjustments of the loops are no longer sufficient. The problem of clinging the bottom corner of the door behind the frame is still real.

Try adjusting the wedge skewing with the upper (from the end of the fold) regulator near the loop and the "scissors". If the skew is very strong, then you have probably squeezed the gaskets under the double-glazed window and now your fold is already a parallelepiped, and not a rectangle. Pull out the plastic staples from the side of the room with a sharp flat knife and you will see that the double-glazed window is in the sash on the gaskets. Try to add a small gasket under the bottom of the double-glazed window near the lower hinge and into the opposite outer corner of the sash - upwards to the double-glazed window. Lift the lower corner of the sash and insert the gasket from above. Try to open/close the window. Then insert the glazing beads into their places.

  1. All the movable mechanisms are smeared, the window was adjusted. It became a little easier to close, but still difficult. Eccentricities put on a minimum clamping. The handle easily rotates 180 degrees if the window is open.

It is possible that the plane was adjusted incorrectly. The window may buckle, or the flap skew may be slightly skewed. That is why the friction of the mechanisms is that big.

Anyway, if you are not very knowledgeable in window management, it is better to call the window repair specialist. Don t try to fix anything if you don t know what you re doing for sure.