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Why Convert Your Wooden Doors and Windows to Aluminum?

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21st Jan 2019

Over the last 50 years, technology has come a long way. Along with these advancements, are can make our homes easier to maintain and more comfortable to live in. New high tech appliances make our lives much easier, better building methods made our homes more durable and safer.

With all these new advances, it’s no wonder why there’s a huge number of people who are changing their wooden window and door frames and replacing them with other materials such as aluminum. If you are still deciding as to whether you should make the switch, here is a comparison between aluminum and wood.

Advantages of Aluminum

  • The most popular choice for all commercial projects
  • One of the most cost-effective options for window frames and doors
  • Very easy to customize for specific home styles and needs
  • Unlike wooden window and door frames, aluminum doesn’t rot or swell
  • Requires almost no maintenance
  • Available in a huge selection of various colors to fit any style and environment
  • Aluminum window frames have a very modern and stylish look
  • Easy installation

Disadvantages of Aluminium

  • Improperly glazed aluminum will provide reduced insulation
  • Some people don’t like the look of aluminum, especially for older classic homes, and prefer the look of wood
  • Even though aluminum has low maintenance, it is still prone to oxidation and corrosion unless you get it powder coated or anodized

Advantages of Wood

  • You can customize wood to be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Wood is very energy efficient since it’s a natural insulator
  • There are many finishes available for wood

Disadvantages of Wood

  • Wooden framed windows and doors need constant maintenance to help protect them from sun and rain damage
  • Once wood starts to rot, it spreads quickly. Replacing or repairing wood windows or doors is time-consuming and expensive
  • Once you install, glaze, varnish, and paint wood, it comes out to be quite a bit more expensive than aluminum

Wrap Up

Once you compare all the pros and cons, it becomes obvious why aluminum doors and windows have become the more popular choice for both commercial and residential projects. Aluminum will not only improve the security of your home but also make your life easier.

But in truth, your final choice comes down to your priorities. If your goal is to keep your costs down, then aluminum is the best option. However, if it’s more important in how the window frames will look once installed than many people do prefer the look of wood. Since both come with advantages and disadvantages, make your choice based on your priority.