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9 Signs That Your Body Does Not Tolerate Sugar

Article Image

It is difficult to notice excess sugar in your diet because eating habits form and change gradually. 

10 Reasons to Be Sure to Have Breakfast

Article Image

Let's be honest: most of us don't have breakfast. And the reasons, which justify the absence of the morning meal, are thousands.

How Sex and Menstruation Can Get Along Together

Article Image

When two people are in love and the endorphins kick in, they literally can’t get enough of each other. The sexual drive is, naturally, very strong too. And when the period comes, it can be a real struggle to be deprived of sex for the entire week. But do you really have to?

8 Signs That You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Article Image

Do you get headaches and feel hungry all the time? Most likely you suffer from dehydration. Let’s talk about eight unobvious signs that you don’t drink enough water.