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5 Benefits of Mouth Guards For Young Athletes

Article Image

It's such a great feeling to see your child succeed. You're on the tip of your seat every game, yelling for your kids to hit a home run or score a touchdown. You know their instructors encourage them to play safely, but are there any additional ways to keep them safe?

9 Ways to Relieve Daily Hip Pain

Article Image

When you suffer everyday hip discomfort caused by arthritis (the lack of protective padding in the joint) or bursitis (inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs that pad the joint), it can make walking, climbing stairs, and bending over difficult. But it does not have to be this way. Here are nine things you can take to help manage hip pain.

Important Facts About Back Surgery Success Rates

Article Image

Back pain is a common and debilitating problem among many Americans, and it can result in more doctor visits, missed work, lost pay, and higher medical costs. If you have back pain, low back pain, sciatica, or leg pain, you should get help. If your back pain is so severe that it interferes with your everyday life, you may be willing to contemplate back surgery. However, back surgery isn't always the best option for everyone.

What to Know to Relieve Allergy Headaches

Article Image

Allergies cause rashes, difficulty breathing, congestion, and other unpleasant side effects. However, sinus headaches and migraines might be added to the list of allergic reactions.

While headaches are rarely fatal, they can harm your lifestyle. If you suffer from allergies and headaches, here's what you should know to manage them.