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Awesome Ways to Use Video in E-Commerce Marketing In 2020

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1st Apr 2020

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Provide detailed guides for products

When it comes to using new and innovative products, descriptions might not be enough. It’s not enough that people know how to use a product, they need to be shown just how useful it can be in specific situations.

A video can help educate consumers and allow them to understand a new product much better than they would with the help of textual descriptions.

Evoke emotions through a story

There’s nothing like a good story to get people hooked on a product. Just advertising an item won’t exactly be thought-provoking. This is why you need a story to elicit emotions and give some extra flair to the product. 

This is something that Australian consumers enjoy a lot more than a simple advertisement. If you can create a video that has people enjoying products without even trying them, you’ve successfully marketed your product.

Entertain viewers

People are constantly on the lookout for entertainment, even when they aren’t aware of it. Ads are especially in need of good entertainment value, as they are otherwise viewed as intrusive and annoying. 

A good video marketing strategy will always strive towards creating videos that attract viewers for more. If they want to see more of your video content, the advertising basically does itself.

Convey messages

Sometimes, you’ll want to convey certain messages to your audience. This message can be about announcing a new product or simply showing your appreciation to loyal consumers. The reason for the message doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you convey it properly. 

Videos allow you to convey this message in an engaging way that will attract and retain consumers throughout. A textual message on a blog or social media post can seem cold and robotic, no matter how much effort you put into it. Because of this, you should opt for messages in a video format. They feel more authentic and allow you to add a bit of extra emotion to the message. 

Show results

No matter how good your product is, you can’t convince consumers of its quality through words alone. Even if you tell an accurate story of what your product or service provides, this doesn’t mean much coming from the business trying to sell it. There are countless businesses that would deceive consumers just to sell products, and they’re well aware of this.

A video can help demonstrate the effectiveness of a product without any gimmicks. Show ordinary people using your product and getting great results from it. It’s going to attract way more consumers and build trust in your brand.

Improve endorsements

Having endorsements from popular figures is a tried and tested way to improve the reach of your products. Fans of media personalities will give products a chance if their idols suggest that they should. This is why influencers are becoming a driving force of e-commerce marketing.

Getting influencers on your side gives you quite an advantage compared to more traditional forms of marketing. Instead of marketing to everyone at once with no filter, you can market towards specific demographics that interest you. 

Consumers are a lot more likely to take an endorsement seriously if presented in a video format. You can provide the influencer with a stage on which they can market themselves and your product at the same time. Text posts and endorsements are effective, but not nearly as much as a piece of demonstrative video content.

Stir up controversy

Controversial topics and individuals are considered a pretty risk investment by many marketers, but this kind of approach limits your horizons. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when the negative reactions aren’t aimed at your business.

There are lots of ways to leverage controversy to your advantage. You can come into contact with controversial influencers and create a video that doesn’t necessarily support their view. What you want is to start a conversation without making your business’s points clear. This will keep you safe from criticism while still bringing in attention.

Create interactions

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular among Australian audiences. This is something many e-commerce businesses have taken note of, and now the market is seemingly saturated with them. However, there’s a whole bunch of ways to use video advertising to stand out.

Interactive videos are on the rise in online marketing and some businesses have taken them up for their own strategies. They increase consumers’ engagement and are estimated to increase purchasing intent tenfold. 

You may not have seen many of them in action, but that’s only because they’re difficult to produce. Businesses often require professional webcasting production to create their own engaging material. 

Appeal to charities

There’s nothing that gets positive feedback quite like charity work. By working with charities, businesses can get their cake and eat it too. 

Collaborating with a charity to create a promotional video can increase the businesses exposure by quite a bit. Even if it’s obviously a part of your marketing strategy, the charitable nature of the video will make it more palatable to viewers. If it’s for a good cause, viewers won’t hesitate to share it among their friends and family.

Increase clarity

Showcasing products is how you get people more familiar with how they work, but it’s also how you get them familiar with how they look, which is just as important. Online marketing is all about presenting your product in the best possible light.

Videos allow you to get closeups of every angle of the product. You can show it in action with extreme detail, making sure that consumers know exactly what it looks and feels like. It’s a great way to provide clarity into the quality and design of your products.


The diverse application of videos is one of the key reasons they are gaining in popularity in the e-commerce market. Using them properly allows you to expand your reach and add some creativity to your marketing strategy.