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8 ways how seasonal and weather changes affect your skin

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13th Sep 2022

Skin is our biggest organ and being exposed to different weather conditions makes it vulnerable. We Have gathered the 8 most frequent ways of weather and seasonal changes affect the skin. Also, in this article, you can read the tips on how to solve those issues. Let's find them out.

Sun rays are dangerous if not protected

Sun is the major source of vitamin D and we all enjoy summer at the beach. However, sun rays are very dangerous for your skin and you should be extra cautious if the heat is strong.

The sun can cause skin cancer, premature aging, and other negative effects on the skin. Therefore, it is important to protect your skin from the sun's rays by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors during the day.

Prepping for this seasonal change should start in the spring. As the number of sunny days becomes higher, make sure you use sunscreen below your makeup as an extra measure for anti-age and skin protection.

Make sure to have an anti-inflammatory skincare routine

This advice is especially applicable in winter and summer, with extreme heat or cold. The skin is more vulnerable in those parts of the year.

Some people go beyond their cosmetic routines, which can have unfavorable outcomes including skin irritation. Disorders of the skin may result from this. Although acids are widely used in peelings, overusing them can be detrimental and disrupt the natural skin barrier.

Furthermore, retinol should also be applied gradually to prevent saturation of your skin. The skin barrier is currently in the spotlight and should be strengthened and made more resilient by utilizing lighter, anti-inflammatory skin products as well as from the inside out, through a healthy diet and lots of water.

Make annual dermatologist appointments

If everything is fine with your skin, you can make a regular annual check. If there is a reason to make them more frequently then do so. A professional dermatologist can always give you the best advice on any skin or scalp issue you might have.

If you have acne, psoriasis, or any other skin condition, home remedies will probably be insufficient to treat your condition. Purchasing pricey skin products on your own can result in clogged pores and exacerbate the issue if the product is not appropriate for your skin type. A dermatologist can provide a recommendation that is suitable for your skin type, saving you time, and money, and maintaining the health of your skin in the process.

Use ceramides to boost your skin barrier

Ceramides are the main building blocks of your skin's natural protective barrier. When you have a healthy amount of ceramides in your skin, it can protect itself against environmental pollutants and irritants.

The optimal time to prep your skin for seasonal changes is during the summertime. You should start using products that contain ceramides to boost your skin barrier and keep it healthy all year round. Ceramides can provide your skin with good nourishment without adding any bulky components to your moisturizer.

Beware of dry air

It just makes sense that your skin will grow dry if your area has a dry climate. Of course, dry skin frequently appears drab and flaky. It is a result of the dead skin cells amassing on its surface.

The accumulation of dead skin cells may be hazardous. First of all, it will stop the penetration of your preferred natural skincare products. Your skin won't receive enough moisture and nutrition, which will cause it to remain dehydrated. Additionally, makeup looks awful on dry skin.

Therefore, when the air around you becomes extremely dry, be sure to routinely exfoliate both your face and your body with a moderate scrub.

High temperatures can make your acne worse

Your skin will produce more oil in high temperatures, which leads to accumulation. This could be the cause of your acne breakouts over the summer.

When mixed with sweat, pollution, makeup, and overly dense skincare products, oily skin can lead to a variety of skin problems.

Once more, the finest guidance on what products to use for the best cleansing program can be obtained from a professional dermatologist.

Cold weather causes skin irritation

Cold weather, in contrast to hot weather, is more prone to cause dry and irritated skin. This occurs as a result of harsh weather and poor skincare practices.

The worst weather conditions for those with sensitive skin are low temperatures and winds in general. These can be abrasive and hurt your skin even more. First of all, stay away from goods with alcohol in them because this element will cause extreme drying.

Instead, choose the pure, organic skincare products that are currently one of the greatest trends in the cosmetics business. Additionally, choose creams that are thicker to seal in moisture and take excellent care of your sensitive skin.

Hotness and dryness give you more wrinkles

When it comes to skincare, hot, dry weather may be really difficult. Because their skin is naturally rather dry and less elastic than it once was, women with mature skin can experience this. Their fine lines and wrinkles are probably going to get worse.

O, utilize a humidifier year-round in your home if you reside in such an environment. This indoor precautionary measure. Use a decent moisturizer when you're outside to keep your skin hydrated.

To sum it up, you should determine your skin type by consulting your dermatologist. Then, based on the climate you live in and your skin type, you can decide on the best skincare routine possible. This is a great long-term investment and your skin will appreciate it in the future.