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Top 5 spots to get a stunning nature view in Dunedin, New Zealand

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30th Oct 2019

Picture this: 

Burly men dressed in black that whip their tongues out and shout abuse in native tongues at the opposing sports team (whether it’s rugby, basketball, or curling), dodgy marsupials that may look cute but will eat your crops and leave you to starve and then possibly eat you as well, and then there’s that kiwi bird.

What country could we be possibly talking about? Is it:

  1. the Netherlands,
  2. France,
  3. New Zealand
  4. Papua New Gui…

… yeah, it’s New Zealand, of course – what else can it be. 

Where else can you find the kiwi bird-like France? Italy? Tough chance. 

As you probably already know, New Zealand is a country with some of the most breathtaking nature and wildlife in the world. This is why the New Light Cinema folks decided to film the Lord of the Rings in this magnificent place. 

That said, one of the most interesting places in this otherwise already fascinating country would be Dunedin – a city on its southern shore. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about this great city and propose to you five different spots within it, from where you can get the best overview of the surrounding nature. 

Right then, folks, without further ado, here’s the lot.

Top 5 spots to get a stunning nature view in Dunedin, New Zealand 

1) Tunnel Beach 

If you're into caves, secretive passages, and cliffs shaped by nothing but natural erosion, heading just south of the city of Dunedin to see the world-renown Tunnel Beach may be just what you need. 

Even though the cliff and the shape of the beaches and the large rock formations of this place are more than enough to capture the attention of any nature lover, it’s also true that this place is home to a curious tunnel that goes down to the beach. (Hence the name of this place.) 

Thanks to its natural beauty as well as the aforementioned tunnel, Tunnel Beach has been the destination of choice for many a hiker and trekker who fancies doing some sightseeing around these parts. 

2) Port Chalmers 

Nothing like a port to remind you you’re in an island country whose only direct neighbour is the ocean. 

At just 15 minutes from Melbourne, you can find the Port Chalmers – a place where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding hillocks and small islands, as well as check out some of the rich local cultural heritage.

For example, you can visit the local maritime museum where you can learn about Melbourne’s past. Also, you can pay the local galleries and eateries a visit, as well. 

3) Signal Hill

For a cyclist, riding about a certain hill formation called the Signal Hill in New Zealand can easily be the highlight of a holiday in Dunedin. 

If you’re starting at Dunedin Central, riding your bicycle to this destination would take you no more than forty minutes. Once you arrive at the hill itself, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the entire harbour, as well as of the city below. 

4) Moeraki Boulders 

Representing a proper curiosity for folks interested in geology, but also history and mythology, there are the Moeraki boulders – an odd formation of stones along the Koekohe Beach near Dunedin. 

These stones are fairly large, spherical, and no one quite knows how on Earth they got there, which is what makes them so intriguing. Local legends say that these are the remnants of the canoes of the first native settlers, but no one knows for certain. Spooky stuff. 

5) Taieri Gorge Railway

Trains, staggering gorges, and breathtakingly beautiful nature – what more to ask of a New Zealand expedition? 

This tour consists of a train ride that follows the exciting Taieri railway track complete with tunnels, high drops, winding bends, as well as a great view of nature, of course. What's more, if you embark on some of the Dunedin custom tours, chances are – you’re going to enjoy a great service while on the train itself. 

All things considered, New Zealand is a place worth visiting for several reasons. Whether you’re visiting it for its nature, excellent sightseeing tours, or the view of the ocean, arriving in Dunedin can never be a mistake.