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7 Tips on How to Organize a Bachelor Party

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26th Dec 2019

Getting married is not the end of the world for the groom but it is a major life event that requires a proper sendoff. A bachelor party has been a great way to wish your mate all the best in married life for centuries, in one form or the other. Seemingly enough, s buck’s night as we call it here in Australia, his believed to be a tradition started by Spartan warriors in Antiquity.

Modern bachelor parties are perhaps harder to organize because they have become full-scale events that’ll soon enough need a spokesperson! That’s why your friend’s bachelor party should be kept simple, yet the following 7 stages need to exist in order for the entire event to go smoothly. Hopefully, you’ll have to throw each of your friends just one bachelor party during their lifetime.

Who’ll be in charge of the whole thing?

Although the question of the main organizing is predetermined, the best man is not Superman. Even if he wishes to throw the simplest form of a bachelor party, he’ll still need to take care of the basics, such as drinks and catering.

However, there are friends who are likely to volunteer so they can be delegated for different tasks. For instance, if a mate knows where the best beer is poured, he can be in charge of getting a keg (or kegs) to the party. After all, organizing a bachelor party is a team effort.

Who’s coming?

The guest list is not the most important segment of a bachelor party but you still need to consider who is coming. If it’s a large festivity at a local pub, then you might have strangers jumping on the bandwagon as the night progresses.

In general, don’t invite people who are annoying or party poopers and make sure all the guys who attend the bachelor party are invited to the wedding the next day. Finally, if the party consists of a weekend getaway from Sydney, then try to keep the company small due to travel costs.

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Organizing a pub crawl

A trip abroad is definitely an option but if you’re staying in Oz, then a pub crawl is a good idea. Of course, you can book a single venue and stay there all night but this will skyrocket the final cost of the bachelor party. Before you set off on the pub crawl, try to inform yourselves about the bars you’ll visit. If they all accept credit cards, then it’s wiser to pay for beer using cards instead of cash. After all, it is highly likely you and your gang will be stewed by sunrise.

Visiting a brothel

If you were throwing a house party, then an exotic dancer would probably make into your to-do list, sort to say. However, if you opt for a night-out, then a brothel is a logical stop on the way. Ask around for a popular Sydney brothel to which you can take the guests at the bachelor party. They are bound to be thrilled and the groom will definitely be surprised, especially if you order the kind of a dance he likes. P.s. Just don’t tell the misses-to-be the following day.

Include a sit-down meal

If you want to indulge in escort service and booze during the bachelor party, then your boys are going to need all the energy they can get. That’s why, regardless whether you go for a house party or a night in town, the bachelor party should include a full-course sit-down meal.

The type of a restaurant you’ll sit in or order the food from is entirely up to you (chicken nuggets anyone?) but make sure that other guests don’t mind the noise your “posse” generates. Heck, if they have a food option available, you could even rent out a playhouse that is normally frequented solely by children!

Fun and games

Speaking of rejuvenating forms of entertainment, we have so far mention mostly what you can do after sundown but a bachelor party usually starts in the afternoon. Before the meal and big night in the town, you can arrange for the groom and his pals to feel as if they are seven years old again.

A game center or even renting a game console is bound to lift the spirits up. If there are any other games that the groom prefers in particular, then be sure to include them in the unofficial program. Trust us; there is nothing out of the ordinary even if you decide to go for a potato sack race.

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A sports day

In fact, if you’re a fan of racing or any other sport like AFL or basketball, then you can treat the groom and a couple of friends with game tickets. This practice is quite common so you’ll probably end up on the big screen at the stadium. Who knows, you might catch a stray ball, as a souvenir to take home. A sports day is a great activity for a bachelor party but only if it’s during the season of the groom’s favorite club, as there is little point in visiting a game during no one will root for either team.

Finally, you should realize that organizing a bachelor party is unlike organizing other types of events. Punctuality, funding or dress code are not among the proprieties as the bachelor party should be as spontaneous as possible. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare in advance, quite the contrary (remember how we advised you to research pubs); we are just saying that when the bachelor party starts, there is no telling what might happen, so spontaneity is the keyword.