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Emerald City Properties Now Provide Encrypted Video Calling and Conference Chat

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5th Apr 2020

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Emerald City is an emerging virtual metropolis designed to help Hub Culture members collaborate in new ways. It is based around the concept of virutal properties which merge physical, virtual and digital components into a unified experience.

Citizens can launch and operate their own Property to create enjoy a higher level of virtual collaboration around work and other projects. Citizenship is unlocked with a HubID passport, available from HubID by Hub Culture. HubID is the only identity framework to push data ownership and and privacy control fully into the hands of the citizen. 

The service is powered by components from the Hub Culture social network, to which Emerald City is fully integrated, especially with regard to identity management.

In addition to access management and a collaboration hub, Properties now feature SHA-256 encrypted video calling, chat, and screensharing with a public webinar broadcast channel, file sharing, and member management.

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Citizenship in Emerald City is linked to the HubID digital identity system, which provides a highly secure access filter for access to components of a property and enables citizens to engage in purpose led teams across multiple properties. 

Inside the conferencing tool Property owners can launch private video events with direct email links to invited attendees. You can also broadcast videos from Youtube and other online video sources, share data, chat and access an online hub with deeper collaboration tools, including event management, wikis, projects and more.