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Hub Culture Innovation Campus 2020 Kaua'i

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27th Jul 2020

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The Hub Culture Innovation Campus 2020 comes to Kaua'i, Hawaii 10-30 August with a focus on the Resilient Reformation.

The original Reformation began as a protest against perceived injustices in society. Today we see the need for a reformation in many areas of society to ensure a resilient future. From economics to food, supply-chains to immigration, oceans to public health, everything is on the table now, and re-invention is no longer theoretical.

Kauai has a long history of independent thinking, self governance and respect toward nature. It provides the perfect home for this year’s Innovation Campus, featuring activities spread across the island. Private homes act as anchors for participants, with numerous outdoor locations for socially distanced activities and access for the local community.

Three weeks of connection, activities and workshops centred on deepening relationships will be largely held viirtually but wiith focus on mixed participation between locals in Kaua'i and experts from the global Hub Culture community.


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The 2020 Campus includes a virtual reality aspect designed to host hundreds of guests for daily talks. Sessions will be recorded live on location and speakers will be able to join from other locations. Recordings will be featured afterward on the Chronicles, Hub Culture’s podcast series.

For those wishing to participate in person, bookings are available on a first come paid reservation status with approved venue partners. As many hotels are closed and short term rentals are not currently allowed, the focus is directed to venue partnerships, owners, and longer incoming residents already in Kaua'i and the Hawaiian islands.

For trans-Pacific visitors, 14 Day quarantine periods mean arrival on 1 August, with participation from 15 August or later. As accommodation is extremely limited in Kauai, all reservations are on a 30 day basis, and subject to local restrictions on quarantine and health related to COVID-19.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many limitations are in place on short term rentals and visitors to Kauai, so all trans-Pacific guests are recommended to come for a 30 day stay. Depending on changing restrictions, participants may be required to quarantine in place for 14 days upon arrival. Please refer to https://hawaii.gov for specific arrival information, trans-Pacific travel forms and information on restrictions for visitors.

August 2020 travel restrictions still require mandatory health checks, isolation and other activities that may prevent participation in some activities scheduled for the Campus for the first 14 days after arrival or until quarantine is cleared.

Accomodation bookings are the responsibility of the attendee, and Hub Culture is working to coordinate group stays for participants to provide deeper connections and relationship building opportunities for those attending once they clear quarantine. Please contact your Hub Culture Kauai team for options. Most activities for the Campus are planned along Kauai’s famous north shore, stretching between Kileaua, Princeville, Kapa’a, Hanalei, Anahola and Haena but are designed to be virtually available.

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Based on guidance from the Governor of Hawaii, the mayor of Kaua'i and public health officials, the limited in-person aspects of the 2020 Innovation Campus are subject to change and adaptation with little advance notice.

Attendees should consider all aspects of health and safety regarding travel and social interactions at their own risk. The virtual side components of the 2020 Innovation Campus provide participation components for the entire Hub Culture community as well as those who wish to attend in-person.

All attending guests will be required to submit a digital health verification prior to travel from their home location through AQUA, the Active Quarantine User Ally, Hub Culture’s digital health and travel assistant. Learn more about AQUA at https://theaqua.world

For more information contact [email protected] dial +16469207773 or visit https://hubculture.com/pavilions/kauai

Find our full schedule of events here: http://hub.vg/HubCultureEventCalendar

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