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How To Find Mold In Your House | 3 Signs You Need Mold Remediation

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8th Mar 2021

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The first sign to pay attention to is excess moisture. If your property recently experienced water leakage or intrusion and the problem wasn’t solved, this means you likely have mold in your house. Another sign is when you notice a musty odor coming out of nowhere. In such cases, we would recommend getting a home inspection and mold testing performed. That is because an unpleasant earthy smell may indicate that mold has already affected your house. The last sign to pay attention to any stains or discolored spots on your walls or ceiling. This is another indicator of possible mold growth. These are the most common signs that can indicate a hidden mold problem. Remember, mold isn’t always obvious and, in most cases, these signs may mean that you have hidden mold in your house that needs to be taken care of. Despite the large number of DIY methods to locate or remediate mold, we recommend leaving this task to the professionals that have experience and all the necessary equipment to locate and remove mold.

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