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Bedtime Routine: 5 Activities For A Good Night Sleep

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20th Jul 2021

A bedtime routine is a set of activities that you can do before going to bed in order to help your body unwind and prepare for a good night's sleep. So, let us see what those activities are. 


Decide on a Set Bedtime

A few hours before bedtime, our brains start to unwind and this is part of our natural sleep-wake cycle. Even though this occurs naturally, there are things that can disrupt it but there are activities to boost the whole process and make it more effective. 


The first thing to do is determine your bed- and wake-up times and make sure to stick to them. You can also set an alarm to remind you that it is time to start the bedtime routine to properly signal your body that it is time for sleep. If you follow a consistent and strict sleep routine you will train your brain to feel tired naturally every time it is time for bed. 

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Disconnect from Your Devices

Even though you might think that your favorite Netflix show relaxes you or scrolling through social media helps you unwind, this is not true. Electronic devices, such as a TV, computer, smartphone, and tablet, all emit strong blue light which alerts our brain and keeps it awake. As a result, your brain produces less melatonin and keeps you awake and sleepless for hours. 


So, as part of your healthy bedtime routine, you should stop playing such tricks on your brain and disconnect from all of your devices. Avoid blue light at night as much as possible and turn on the red-light filter on your phone before the bedtime routine so it won’t be disruptive if you accidentally look at the screen. 


Take a Warm Bath


Various hormonal changes occur in your body throughout the day. This is all normal and part of the sleep-wake cycle. One of those processes and changes in melatonin production usually begins in the evening to prepare the body for sleep. At the same time this starts, your body temperature drops. 


Through some research, scientists have found that you can mimic this nighttime drop in temperature through a warm bath and trigger the sleep reaction. So, as an activity for the bedtime routine, add a warm bath an hour before sleep. You can even add some elite shungite stones to your bath for added health benefits and relaxation and watch your body loosen up and prepare for sleep. 



Don’t Eat Too Much Before Bed

Heavy meals and drinks right before bed can lead to acid reflux, indigestion, constant trips to the restroom, and they will disrupt your sleep. However, you shouldn’t go to bed hungry either because it will upset your stomach and make falling asleep hard. 


An alternative is a light snack before bed. Make sure to eat something light that won’t require your stomach to fully work during the night. Opt for cherries, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, nuts, and oats. All of these foods have high melatonin content and will help your body fall asleep. Also, you should avoid caffeine before bed and stick to non-caffeinated herbal teas, such as chamomile or lavender which will further relax and calm your mind and body and induce sleep. 


Stretch and Relax

If you feel any physical or mental tension, you will have trouble falling asleep. That is why you can add some relaxation techniques and exercises as part of your bedtime routine. Do some deep breathing exercises or meditate in order to empty your mind. Also, you can introduce yoga during the day in order to improve sleep quality or simply do some light stretching or massages before bed to prevent any physical cramping. 



Quality sleep is of utmost importance to everyone so our bodies can function properly and so we can reduce stress and stay focused. We all know how hard it is to fall asleep sometimes, but luckily there are ways to prepare your body and mind for bed. Try some of these bedtime routine activities and see how sleep simply comes to you.