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Understanding the Promenade

07:54 24/12/18

Claire Gupta said: Regarding the upcoming summit, I've received contradictory information as to which companies will be situated in the Promenade and at what location.
I think it would be helpful to many of us first-timers if someone experienced can share some insights and understanding regarding the Promenade and the activity on it during the summit.
Thank you!

PS. I'll be happy to exchange the information I have with others and verify the tips I received. :)

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1. Dec 26th, 2018

Stan Stalnaker Hi Claire - the Hub Culture Davos Pavilion and ICEhouse are located at Promenade 93, and has access available for invited guests provided by our partners, who host a range of activities there. Other locations along the Promenade offer other activities for guests in Davos, usually by invitation to stakeholders according to the preferences of the presenting organization or company hosting a venue. As each location is organized independently, you won't know until the week of Davos what activities are where, and access depends on where you have invitations.