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The 15% at Davos

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21st Jan 2014

If you're alive, you've heard - there's only 15% women in the official Davos list for 2014, down from 17% in 2013. Let's be clear - in the communities the WEF creates like the Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers, the percentage is closer to parity. Interested in the debate? See these great articles by Anne-Marie Slaughter and David Yanofsky.

So the burden is on us. What is Hub Culture doing about it?

We've set ourselves the challenge - can we increase the number of women interviewees above 15% this week? We're inviting other media eyes on Davos to seek out and broadcast female voices. Every day - we'll post our ratio with a scorecard at the end. We want to be higher than 15%. Today, guess what? Twenty Percent. Not so shabby.

We can't control who is here, but we can balance the conversation.

Who is with us? #womenindavos

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Here's our social media team - the 75% - and of course we love the 25%!

by Edie Lush, Executive Editor & Georgie Benardete, Guest Curator