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Ven API or WebMapping for IoT

08:14 25/06/13

Ivan Lovric said: I didn't manage to use the Ven API, however it works fine with webmapping. I built a piece of code which handles cookies and simulates the user interactions.

That works fine for IoT, and AI agents can exchange Ven with that code.

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1. Jun 25th, 2013

Stan Stalnaker Very interesting Ivan - We are currently working on some extensions to our API which will be out very soon. If its okay to add this function in, we can call it the Lovric Function and see if it can be beneficial toward others. :)

2. Jun 25th, 2013

Ivan Lovric The code is written Java, in a class venCookie

Java function is
public static synchronized float sendVen(String Email, String pwd, String text, String rcvr, float amount)

it returns the final Ven balance or a negative value if an error occured.

What is the main language used in the API? PHP?

3. Jun 25th, 2013

Stan Stalnaker Yes main language is PHP - with increasing amounts of javascript. We are working to implement agile frameworks on a new architecture - see http://VEN.VC - which will be eventually be imported back to the core database.

What's emerging are two functions:

HubCulture.com for ID vaults and ecosystem

Ven.VC for user transactions and authorities who issue/redeem