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Hiring information for prospective applicants.

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* * Prospective applicants may upload written and video resumes or email us.


Hub Culture is growing as we develop our unique mix of online and offline services catering to some of the world's most exciting, influential and demanding people.  Blue chip expertise and a fun, global perspective are key attributes we look for, and here are some of active areas of interest:

Digital Consuls

Hub Culture is adding digital experts to work with us as we develop the Ven virtual currency economy locally in over 130 cities around the world. This position is perfect for people who are very social, like to multitask, have great taste, enjoy writing, and have a wealth of contacts in their home 'hub' who offer interesting, rewarding activities.
The role is simple - to be an online point of contact 'valet' for members in the assigned city, to bring products and services to the platform to be sold via our Partnership Programme, invite friends and local influencers to the platform, and to tweet, write and share content relevant to the particular Hub. You can pick your own hours and timeframe for activities, work independently and from anywhere, and its all about curated performance, as we want to bring the best products and services to the platform, all available in Ven.
Digital Consuls earn a 10% commission on all inventory in that Hub, a regular Ven virtual currency stipend, global membership and concierge benefits, and a generous bonus structure.
Enquiries should be directed to us with a CV and target city.
Roles are available in the following hubs: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Aspen, Athens, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Bali, Baltimore, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Boulder, Brisbane, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cancun, Cannes, Capetown, Capri, Chamonix, Chicago, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Dallas, Davos, Delhi, Denver, Detroit, Dubai, Durban, Geneva, Gulf Coast, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Ibiza, Istanbul, Florianopolis, Jackson Hole, Johannesburg, Lagos, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Marrakech, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Mykonos, Nairobi, New York, Osaka, Oslo, Palm Beach, Palo Alto, Paris, Park City, Philadelphia, Phuket, Portland, Prague, Punta del Este, Raleigh Durham, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose CA, San Jose CR, Santa Fe, Santiago, Scottsdale, Seattle, Sendai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, St. Louis, Sun Valley, Sydney, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Tuscany, Vancouver, Venice, Verbier, Vienna, Washington DC and Zurich.
In addition to knowledge valets, we are always looking for engaging and outgoing private chefs, bartenders, personal trainers, executive drivers, yoga instructors, designers and life coaches, specifically in the cities listed.

Knowledge Valets

Hub Culture is on the lookout for Valets in Ibiza, Bali, Davos, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and New York who enjoy working in a smart, dynamic, global environment. As a social collective we try to source roles from the community first, so priority is given to existing Hub members. Here is a little of what goes into a great Valet:
1. Work closely with other Valets and the Manager in the training and development of customer service, product knowledge and visual merchandising display at the Pavilions.
2. Provide knowledge services to members on a regular ongoing basis. 
3. Schedule content streams appearing on Pavilion channels
4. Organize and host special events at the Pavilions, managing the Pavilion calendar and outward content feeds around the world.
5. Provide concierge services to members upon request, including bookings, reservations, food and drinks, and more.
6. Oversee inventory stock levels and product and service sales
7. Troubleshoot IT and connectivity challenges as needed
8. Drive connections between members through the system in real time and online
9. Open and close the Pavilion, manage IT and technical capabilities
To find out more about these opportunities, why not get in touch.
Knowledge Brokers

Are you an expert in a key category, discipline or subject?  If so, maybe Hub Culture Knowledge Brokerage is for you.  This facility enables members with special expertise to gain value from the connections they have while evaluating the merits of a deal or project.  In any given deal, the role of Hub is to broker an introduction, not to comment or evaluate a deal.  The role of the Knowledge Broker is to evaluate the social graph against deals that come into the network to evaluate who, where, and how the deal can best be accomplished.  

This higher level of service is valuable to both sides of the knowledge transaction. Knowledge brokers drive deals by actively seeking them out and managing the introduction and flow process themselves. As a social collective we try to source roles from the community first, so priority is given to existing Hub members. Here is a little of what goes into a great Knowledge Broker:

1. Specific expertise in a given area

2. Great contacts - do you know who to call to get something done?

3. A trusted reputation. Sometimes the key to success is nothing at all. A good broker knows when to turn away a deal that isn't right for the network.

4. A nose for deals. Are you one of those people who people are always asking for an intro, but don't know how to gain value from it? If so, Knowledge Brokerage might be just the thing for you. Get the work done and gain value from it by ticketing requests with knowledge values set by you.

Signed Knowledge Brokers scan the network of knowledge requests and actively pursue solutions to the answers. You keep the majority of successful transactions, and Hub keeps a commisson on the work you do.

Special Services

Do you have a killer background in accounting, finance, real estate development, computer programming, biosystems organization, APIs, business development or video production? If so, let us know, we might have a project that's right for you.


Internships: Hub Culture Global Development Program

Project Scope:
Join the Hub Culture Internship programme to receive opportunities to network and meet with entrepreneurs, business leaders and others working to make the world a better place.
Interns can select one of 5 concentrations for development, and course credit may be available (ask to be sure):
1. Technology Developer (programming, web UI design)
2. Content Curator (writing, journalism)
3. Retail and Hospitality (front of house management, services)
4. Consulting (knowledge services, networking)
5. Sales (outreach, business development)
General experience required:
Education specialization in the area of concentration 
An outgoing, positive attitude and global perspective
Specific skills & attributes:
Strong communication, reading and writing skills are necessary. Graphic design, database skills a big plus
Applications: Please apply.