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Help and Support for Ven, Ultra and HubID from Hub Culture


Dotted through out the platform are little grey tags that say "show help".
Click these to reveal yellow help boxes which explain and guide you through the system. When you are finished, click "hide" in the lower right to close the help window.   

Ask Zeke any question

Zeke, our system intelligence and community concierge, is always available to answer any type of question. Send a mail inside, reach out on Twitter @Zeke_ai or visit to log a request.
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There are also lots of ways to get in touch with the community:
If you have a question about Ven please email Ven Support.
If you have a question about the Ultra Exchange system pleae email Ultra Support.
If you have a general question, please email us.
If you have a question regarding the Store, a product or service purchase or a Pavilion booking, please email us.
If you have an event or membership enquiry regarding Pavilions, please contact our global sales and events team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hub Culture?



Why can't I login or access a certain area? 


Not all areas of Hub Culture are available to everyone. Membership is by invitation.  We make a lot of content and opportunities available to those outside the network, but to gain full access you need to know someone who is already part of Hub Culture.


Access is not based on wealth, job position or status, it is based on the value that others feel you can add to the network.


I am a member so why can't I login? 


If you are already a member and have trouble logging in, check your password link or ask for the Reminder to send you your info.  If you don't know your username, email us and we will get back to you shortly.


Why Ven?


Ven is very useful as a digital currency and features four principal benefits. Ven is secure, global, stable, and environmental.  Inside Hub Culture it is used to trade value, price the exchange of knowledge, and to navigate the economy of the social network. By trading and enhancing knowledge in micro-payments, members can build value and earn capital for the knowledge work they do. We provide a starter amount of Ven when a user joins, and the user can choose to earn or spend more as they wish. Once a balance reaches 0 Ven, it is easy to get more at specified rates against most major global currencies.


Why Pavilions?


The Pavilions exist at particular times and place to help bridge the gap between virtual and physical interaction.  These venues require premium membership and membership slots are extremely limited.  Premium Members gain access to the global network of facilities and can use them to innovate, work, lounge, connect and earn.


What's the deal with the Store?

We love the power of social networks, so most Pavilion bookings and transactions can be handled digitally through the website store.  Therefore, items available in any Pavilion are also available on the website, allowing for seamless e-commerce purchases that simply deduct from your account.  Bingo! No cash, no cards - just you.  Make a booking yourself or simply request from the Pavilion Valet, and anything from coffee to Cartier is yours, instantly.


Encountered something? 

If you wish to report a copyright violation, inappropriate conduct or content posted by another user, please let us know.  Hub Culture does not own the data or content published by members and is not responsible for the veracity, truth, legality or other aspects of information made available by others. To help you find quality experts we've created rankings and social graph visibility to help you decide for yourself the quality of knowledge in the system.  


Hub Culture is a 'known community' in that many of our members know each other face-to-face, and we aim to maintain and build those connection hubs to preserve intellectual and reputation quality.


How is Hub Culture Structured? 


Hub is a kind of socially run company, a crowd-source network.  We are a social collective, sharing opportunities and value creation with the members who drive our activities and acting as an agent on behalf of members.  The functions of the website allow members to self organize, and we provide platforms, trading tools, commissions and connectivity to enhance the individual capabilities of this intelligent community.



Anything else?


Thank you for being a part of Hub Culture.  The best way to get in touch with us if you have a question, comment or issue would be to email us or visit the contact page, where press, speaker and other engagement opportunity information is listed.  We would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to get in touch.