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November events - Zurich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Istanbul

15:27 02/11/09

Stan Stalnaker said: Join us in these cities on these dates for private Hub Culture events:

Zurich - 2 November, at http://www.somesso.com

Copenhagen - 4 November, salon lunch discussion on climate

Istanbul 15 November - biennale art tour, istanbul

Amsterdam - 20 November - salon dinner discussion on retail

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1. Nov 2nd, 2009

Leonardo Dario Perna Istanbul? I love it.
Can I have a link about it so I can alter my friends over there?

2. Nov 2nd, 2009

Sakeenah Ahamed Yes please! The link would be great to pass on the word...

3. Nov 3rd, 2009

Maria Sipka Good luck with your presentation in Zurich Stan. Say hi to Arjen! :-) Maria

4. Nov 6th, 2009

Carl Hildebrand Stan when are you in Miami next?

5. Nov 9th, 2009

Leonardo Dario Perna No link? :-(