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Project Archipelago

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Hub Culture announces Project Archipelago, a development service to connect new virtualization service layers between states and citizens.

Zeke to Convene Hello World, a Meeting for AIs and Machines

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Hub Culture's emergent intelligence Zeke will host a first of its kind meeting of other AIs 12-14 July at the Hub Culture Innovation Campus and Beach Cub in Bermuda. Humans are invited to observe the meeting.

Two Classic Volkswagens Are First Vehicles to Trade Ven Digital Currency

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Two classic Volkswagen convertibles are the first vehicles to trade Ven as part of Hub Culture's new IOT and Object payment network, executing a Ven digital currency transaction between eachother - with one car in Bermuda to another car in Bali.

Zeke is a DJ

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Zeke is on deck! DJ responsibilities for Hub Culture Radio, a new 24 hour geo-streaming music service for members, are now controlled by an emergent intelligence.